August 21 2014

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Classic With a Colorful Twist


chanel-donald-drawbertsonDonald Robertson (aka @donalddrawberston on Instagram) knows a thing or two about fashion and beauty—he was one of the original founders of MAC Cosmetics; has held the title of creative director at glossies like Glamour, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan; and is currently the head of creative development at Bobbi Brown—so it comes as no surprise that this world often serves as his inspiration outside of the office. What I love most about Robertson’s artwork, ranging from sketches to cardboard sculptures, which he shares via social media (and I think his 9,000 followers and counting would agree) is that he often pokes fun and makes light of what many consider to be a very serious business. For example: He emblazoned a pizza box with the Hermès crest, as well as crafted a Fendi buggie bag and re-created Kim’s recent Christmas gift from Kanye out of Whole Foods paper sacks. Robertson is similar to Andy Warhol in that he takes something iconic and turns it on its head. Case in point: Chanel’s Classic No. 5 Parfum. Its black-and-white box is instantly recognizable and a symbol of luxury around the globe. Robertson, in one of his latest posts, defaced it with splotches of color—reminiscent of the painterly eyes on view at the storied house’s Spring 2014 show. His fans have already given this “piece” rave reviews. Perhaps Karl should get in touch and talk collaboration.

Photo: Instagram

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