August 30 2014

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A Style Star Arrives From Japan



Japan is essentially the world’s beauty incubator, and it often takes time for these product innovations to reach our shores. Take, for example, this country’s interpretation of “lotion”: The non-drying, water-like formula—applied after cleansing but before moisturizing—has only recently spawned a thousand copycats in the States but has been a regular step in a Japanese woman’s skincare regimen for years. Now America’s grooming sector is getting an update. Gatsby Moving Rubber, a hair wax popular in Asia and a top seller in Japan, is now available at Ricky’s NYC. There are six blends in the Asian market, but only four (Spiky Edge, Wild Shake, Air Rise, and Cool Wet) are launching at the retailer this week. Unlike a traditional pomade or gel, this line is designed to hold, minus any flaking or stickiness (thanks to a smoothing polymer), allowing hair to be easily restyled. You know, as this manga depicts, just in case your boss—ahem—interrupts some date-night action.



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