August 28 2014

styledotcom When did we become so obsessed with butts, though?

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A Cat Creates Nail Art, Put Your Valentine’s Day Bouquet to Work, and More



Pudge the Cat lazily plays in a bag. Pudge the Cat licks a feather. Pudge the Cat…hosts a nail-art tutorial? Yep. As part of her weekly “Pudge-It-Yourself” craft series on YouTube, the white-mustached and whiskered Internet sensation shows viewers how to apply temporary nail tattoos—that is, when she’s not friskily pawing at a pile of cotton rounds or taking a mini catnap. [Refinery29]

A not-so-feline-friendly DIY: Elle compiled a few rose petal recipes—including a soothing, aromatic bath soak and a cool, drinkable elixir—that’ll make you want to sack the fancy vase and put your Valentine’s Day rose bouquet to better use. [Elle]

Cosmetic surgery clinics are seeing a rise in earlobe treatments. To reverse sagging lobes, doctors are injecting them with plumping hyaluronic fillers to “give the appearance of more youthful ears.” The culprit? Earrings, apparently. [Daily Mail]

Fans of Marc Jacobs’ Daisy fragrance will have a chance to prove their social media chops in exchange for accessories and scents at the Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop. Using the hashtag #MJDaisyChain, fans can tout their enthusiasm for the flowery scent using Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. There’s a catch, though: The more creative you are, the better gift you’ll receive. Grab a drink or check your e-mail in between shows at the pop-up located at 479 West Broadway from February 7 to 9.

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