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Darphin’s Heart of the Ocean


darphin SEA EMERALD (sea em-er-uhld) / n./ 1. Binomially known as caulerpa lentillifera, this edible algae is found throughout tropical areas of the Indian and Pacific oceans. / 2./ Because of its tiny spherical beads and caviar-like texture, it is sometimes called green caviar, sea grapes, or umi-budo and is considered a delicacy in places like the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. / 3./ In traditional medicine, it is used to treat muscular rheumatism and high blood pressure. / 4./ Part of the Caulerpaceae family, this rare species of seaweed cannot be massively cultivated and grows only at temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius. / 5./ Rich in iodine, fatty acids, and vitamins A and C, this ocean botanical activates an essential skin adherence protein and speeds up collagen production to firm and smooth the face; e.g., “Sprinkle sea emerald over a salad in the East, or massage it into your complexion in the West.”

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