August 31 2014

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Karl Lagerfeld Is Like Enterprise: He’ll Pick You Up; Reasons to Stop Wiping Away Makeup and Just Wash Your Face; and More


After an exciting, emotiKarl-filled countdown (in black fingerless gloves, no less), Karl Lagerfeld’s new namesake fragrances finally launched on March 13. In celebration of the two scents (one for men and one for women), as well as the opening of his first London concept store on Regent Street, Lagerfeld announced via Instagram that a #KarlKab—that is, a taxicab adorned with black and white emotiKarl icons—will roam the streets of London for a month, giving out free mini bottles of his perfume to lucky passengers. It’s Karl’s world, and we’re just living/riding in it. [Instagram]

Makeup-removing wipes are a godsend when you’re too tired (or too lazy—hey, we’re not judging) to scrub, but could they be more harmful than helpful? According to cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Sam Bunting, cleansing wipes can cause anything from sagging eyes and wrinkles to dry skin and acne. “If you must use a wipe,” he told the Daily Mail, “limit their use to rare occasions—nothing will clear your skin as effectively as a proper cleanse.”

Skin tones aren’t limited to just a few categories, though the range of base products available from most beauty brands might say otherwise. At least, that’s what Brazilian photographer Angélica Dass is trying to prove through Humanae Project, in which she attempts to highlight all of the possible skin tones by matching the color of a person’s nose to a Pantone hue. (There are already more than two thousand images on her Tumblr.) The question that instantly comes to our minds: Which cosmetic company will step up to the plate and create a collection of corresponding foundations? [Allure]

Take a peek inside the home—and life—of Josie Maran, where the eco-friendly model-turned-beauty tycoon chats with The Coveteur about everything from her brief stint as a musician with Nicole Richie; her favorite food (pizza); and her makeup routine, which includes a dose of—you guessed it—argan oil, a quick eyelash curl, and a dab of her coconut water-infused cheek gelée.

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