August 22 2014

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Karl Lagerfeld Develops a New Lexicon and Sends Messages Through Scent



Do you speak Lagerfeld? As of today you can quickly adopt the lingo via a new app: emotiKarl. Even better: It’s free and doesn’t involve learning French or the Kaiser’s native German. Naturally, fingerless gloves, a stiff white collar, and Choupette are all involved—allowing you to express your feelings via a series of thirty illustrated characters (my personal favorite being the Karl “grit face”). Lagerfeld has always been on the forefront of technology: He was inspired by digital codes for Spring 2014, and this season employed buzzing drones at Fendi to gain a fresh perspective on the clothes.

One tradition he’s sticking to, however, is fragrance. The twist? He never spritzes it on himself—not even his namesake blend for men (which boasts hints of lavender, apple, violet leaves, and sandalwood) or women (a floral composition that includes notes of peach and musk) launching today. He told Elle that he mists everything around him (towels, sheets, jeans, paper, etc.), but doesn’t actually apply either to skin. Then again, I’d never expect the norm from Lagerfeld—a man who makes even the most mundane task (like grocery shopping) a magical, unexpected experience.

Karl Lagerfeld Eau de Parfum for Women, $85, and Eau de Toilette for Men, $75;


Photos: Karl Lagerfeld Fragrances

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