August 30 2014

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Kylie Minogue Mouths Off at Colette



Before you even notice the title of Kylie Minogue’s new album (released on Tuesday), you notice her luscious red lips. And yesterday, at Colette in Paris, those lips were cause for quite the commotion when the Australian music artist made a special appearance to launch a lipstick she helped create for the sleek, Berlin-based beauty brand Uslu Airlines. Called “Kiss Me Once,” which also happens to be the name of her album, the deep red bullet came about last minute, according to co-creator Feride Uslu. “Kylie approached us, and I was really flattered because we’re niche,” admitted Uslu, who explained that they only met earlier this year. “All of our suppliers did us big favors, and it happened so fast because she is very loved out there.” It’s certainly a clever cross-promotion—one that simultaneously extends Minogue’s pucker-up message beyond the album and gives Uslu Airlines a pop boost. While the lipstick is the same formulation as the brand’s existing range, settling on the exact shade was not without some back-and-forth. (Uslu overnight-couriered a sample to Australia at one point.) Describing their first rendezvous as a “girly, casual, candy store meeting,” Uslu then presented Minogue with two red tones, and ultimately they opted for a blend of the two. “It’s not too blue, not too pink, not too orange.” Via an e-mail with, Minogue deemed it the “perfect Kiss Me Once red.”

Browse through images of the sexy star and you won’t find many that suggest a fondness for red lips—something she freely admits. “I have to be in the right mood. And finding that exact shade of red can be tricky.” Of course, now she has one that is uniquely hers. And in the Uslu Airlines tradition, the shorthand name, KMO, also matches an airport code; here’s betting the remote Alaskan city of Manokotak (population: 442) has never before been referenced in the fashion world. The limited-edition rouge à lèvres won’t be around for very long. Colette had already sold out of its supply (which retails for €28) by afternoon. It is still available online via Uslu Airlines and can be purchased as of next Thursday on Minogue’s site. Uslu also assured that the color, if popular enough, will not disappear and may be rolled into the main line. But the Kylie caché was undoubtedly what drew the fans to Colette. Jérémy Jollet-Rodenas and Eddie Milano were near the front of the line that snaked around the sidewalk prior to Minogue’s arrival. Both showed up before sunrise to receive their priority access tickets to the signing. Jollet-Rodenas insisted he will wear the lipstick. Milano prepared to hand Minogue a red rose. In the end, there was no French kissing—perhaps a bit too steamy, even for Paris—although the star did plant her lips on a number of Uslu Airlines promotional postcards and left a sweet “bisous” on the cheek of a young boy (his parents may never wash his face again). Uslu, meanwhile, revealed that she kept a napkin bearing Minogue’s lip print from their trials, offering it as a keepsake to business partner Jan Mihm. She couldn’t resist. “Kylie just has the most beautiful lips.”

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