August 29 2014

styledotcom Models share their fashion month beauty must-haves: @K_MITT @TheSocietyNYC

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Closing Time


fashion-monthPost-Lillehammer Winter Olympics, Nancy Kerrigan told the masses that she was going to Disney World after “winning the hearts of the world” (and not the gold medal…that, of course, went to a pink marabou-clad Oksana Baiul). Ask the backstage beauty crews what they’ll be doing following fashion month and I guarantee you nobody will mention an amusement park. (To be honest, the casts of characters on the circuit are far more entertaining than a parade of princesses—and much better dressed). Here, what three MAC pros are up to now that the Fall 2014 madness has come to a close:

“Laying on the beach in Fiji with my husband, some cocktails, and a pile of books.”

“Trying to come up for air and reacclimate to my time zone before hitting the road to host five consecutive spring Master Class trips all over North America. No rest until summer for me!”

“Snuggling with my cats.”

Ditto to the last response. I’ll also be indulging in more than a disco nap at night and clocking some serious sleep.

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