August 30 2014

styledotcom Street style photogs discuss what they hope to see this #NYFW:

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Yosh’s Male Gaze



We are longtime Yosh Han fans. The San Francisco-based perfumer’s approach is unique to say the least—she’s always called it vibrational. In other words, fragrance not just as a surface pleasure but as something more, well, evocative. But while Han’s scent collections and bespoke fragrances are beloved for their delicate, but nuanced, nature, her “M” series trades in something more intense. Designed for the dudes, Han’s first “M” was Sombre Negra, and her latest, König, delves even deeper. Named after the German word for “king,” König was meant to evoke royalty, specifically kings on the hunt speeding through Bavarian forests. But one whiff of the fierce scent, a union of saddle leather, smoky firewood, amber, aromatic bitters, and cypress notes, and it wasn’t the Bavarian forest we were transported to, it was the continents of Westeros and Essos in Game of Thrones. The manly men of the dueling families would surely revel in Konig’s primal aroma, but that doesn’t mean the fairer sex can’t also appreciate its distinctive charms. In our humble opinion, it’s a truly noble choice for those days when you are channeling the fierce spirit of Daenerys Targaryen or Arya Stark. And those days are many.

$130 each, available at Barneys New York and

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