August 28 2014

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YSL’s New Skincare Line Is Pure Gold



Yves Saint Laurent described Morocco as his “adoptive country”—even having his ashes scattered within Majorelle Garden (a property owned by him and longtime partner Pierre Bergé). The exotic landscape not only served as a refuge, but a source of inspiration for his designs. Paying homage to Saint Laurent’s beloved “second home,” the house launched a line of luxe skincare this month with saffron (grown in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco) at its heart. This ingredient has been prized for centuries—Cleopatra is said to have bathed in it, Alexander the Great dressed his war wounds with the substance, and it still holds an important place in Moroccan wedding ceremonies (used in lieu of kohl to paint symbolic patterns on a bride’s face). Blooming only once a year in autumn, the crocus plant is harvested before the sun rises, and its three crimson pistils delicately plucked out by hand—requiring more than 150 flowers to produce a single gram of the vibrant spice. Aside from their rich color and scent, these pistils possess high levels of crocin (a glycan compound that boasts both antioxidant and soothing properties), which YSL Beauté scientists used to form a new complex that stimulates skin’s renewal—helping to combat fine lines, sagging, redness, and dark spots. Each precious jar of face cream comes complete with a spatula designed to mimic a saffron pistil: The black spoon measures the exact amount needed to cover the complexion, the gold sphere on the opposite side massages in the rich formula, and the red tip is specially designed to target the eye area. Steeped in tradition and innovative technology, it’s only fitting that the company dubbed the line Or Rouge: “Red Gold.”

Face Crème, $400, Eye Crème, $225;

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