August 23 2014

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Zoe Saldana Lands a Huge New Gig


zoe-saldana“They told me it’s all over the Internet, so I’m really, really happy,” said Zoe Saldana of becoming the newest face of L’Oréal Paris. That was at 11 a.m.—word went out only three hours prior. The starlet and self-described makeup “minimalist” knows how to captivate the public (and apparently cosmetic giants) with a simple swipe of crimson across her pout. Her affinity for a loud mouth stems from her childhood, where she was surrounded “by women who loved to wear dark lips.” But for as little amount of product she piles on off-duty and on the red carpet, on set is another story entirely. In the pipeline for the actor is a remake of Rosemary’s Baby (in made-for-television miniseries form), where she sports a (temporary) cropped cut; Nina, in which she plays the role of the legendary Nina Simone with the help of a few wigs and prosthetics; and Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy, a role that required a head-to-toe green paint job on a daily basis. “What your eye can see, yourself becomes—so I’m a huge believer in makeup and wardrobe,” Saldana explained. She’s also a believer in the power of transformation for women not starring in blockbusters, noting L’Oréal Paris as one of the “strongest enablers” for women in that the brand makes it easy to “choose how you want to be beautiful” with its diverse range of colors and formulas. As for whether she’ll ever go under the scissors and opt for a cropped cut like that of Mia Farrow’s: “I wouldn’t be opposed to it.” She added, “I was raised by a mommy who had a pixie cut her whole life…I just know that when you have short hair, you have to go to the salon a lot.” We love a low-maintenance spokesmodel—almost as much as we loved the fiery Eva in Center Stage.

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