August 30 2014

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Coachella Beauty Rehab: The Eight-Step Program



When your vacation entails a sandstorm and screaming over a surprise Snoop Dogg appearance, the recovery routine is just as essential as the preparatory work. Here,’s social media editor, Rachel Walgrove, offers eight ways to reset your system after the music marathon that is Coachella:

1. Restore. Though desert grounds undeniably have fewer obstacles than Manhattan streets, ten hours on your feet is still ten hours on your feet (even when deliberately avoiding all high-heeled forms of footwear). A spa pedicure, like the Tom Ford Neroli Portofino pedicure at the John Barrett Salon, is necessary, if only for the calf massage.

2. Stretch. Pilates, Bikram, whatever your choice of releasing muscle tension may be—do it. Three days of breaking it down to the beat takes the toll of a cardio session without proper unwinding. Time to get back to the mat and show your hamstrings who’s boss.

3. Revive. Hours in the sun, dry heat, and chlorinated pools (which I prefer to keep my hair out of) put serious strain on strands—especially if, like mine, they’re overprocessed to begin with. A ten-minute hair mask will leave your hair silky smooth and bring back shine. Try: L’Oréal Paris Color Vibrancy Instant Shock Treatment.

4. Pamper. Sure, singing at the top of your lungs through a sandstorm seemed like a wise idea at the time, but even Pharrell couldn’t avert the affects of “the dust and fuckin’ wind.” A trip to the steam room soothes the upper respiratory system and helps relieve dust-clogged pores. I highly recommend Health & Racquet Club’s eucalyptus room.

5. Detox. Even if you found yourself consuming water like a camel, food trucks and alcohol do not a balanced diet make. Loading up on nutrients, like vitamin C, should help ward off festival fare-induced sickness. I like Juice Press’s Lucky Seven concoction because it contains beets, lemon, and ginger, which are good for cleaning the liver of toxins—you know, in case you inadvertently tested The Tequila Diet during your extended stay in Palm Springs…

6. Rest. Dancing until dark usually leads to long nights (and little sleep). The easiest way to recharge and reset your internal clock is to get in a full eight hours. Presuming this is near impossible, you can always fake it. Try Sephora’s Instant Depuffing Eye Mask .

7. Disconnect. Nothing quite says “I was there” like continuously touting your admittance wristbands. (Full disclosure: I didn’t part with mine until Tuesday). But after three days, you’re basically left wearing a filthy bracelet. As Uncle Joey would say: Cut it out (or in this case, off). Or if you want to keep it intact as memorabilia, do your best to slip it off minus the scissors.

8. Refresh. Update your Spotify account. If you haven’t done this already, please ask yourself why you even attended the festival in the first place. That is all.


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