September 2 2014

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The Sports Massage—For Your Face


TomPecheuxBackstageHow many times have you heard the adage that great makeup starts with fabulous skin? It’s repeated because it’s true, and Balmain’s Spring 2014 lineup is proof. Though lead makeup artist Tom Pecheux barely applied more than a light dusting of powder and a touch of concealer to the models, he did insist on mandatory pre-runway face massages. But this was no backstage-turned-pampering session. The type of facials that get you a healthy, youthful complexion are actually pretty aggressive, and they’re popping up on spa menus around the world. Think a deep-tissue sports massage for your face—often with a side of electric current. But these rough-and-tumble treatments are well worth it for their rejuvenating results. The hard pressure helps to rid your face and neck of built-up fluids that can make you look puffy and boosts blood flow to promote collagen production. You’ll leave the table looking younger and feeling refreshed, and for those reasons we’re willing to lay our heads in these expert hands. Click here to view the slideshow.