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The Woman Behind Today’s Biggest Boy Band


louA friend from the past recently wrote on mane master Lou Teasdale’s Facebook wall: “I remember when you used to sit and melt hair with my dad’s soldering iron trying to make dreadlocks!” Teasdale explained that she would craft primitive extensions (with the help of her twin sister Sam, co-owner of London hair hot spot Bleach) by melting synthetic strands near the roots and braiding it down. “It was totally Clueless hair, but it’s all coming back,” she noted. (And she’s right—we saw colorful Rasta-rag ponytails at Chanel and cornrows in nearly every fashion city this past season.) Though she has put down the soldering iron in favor of more high-tech tools, her love of experimentation remains the same. Teasdale’s main gigs are grooming the guys in One Direction and acting as the brand ambassador for Brit hairstyling line Fudge Urban (hitting Target stores this month), but in her spare time she managed to compile a book, The Craft, designed to help readers DIY those edgy looks—like spider lashes, rainbow strands, and temporary dreadlocks—off the runway. In this month’s Beautiful Lives feature, we dive into her crazy, colorful world.

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