August 30 2014

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This Japanese Man-icure Trend Could Lead to a Promotion


business-nailNail art is serious business in Japan—and not just for the ladies. Men, particularly those looking to get noticed in the competitive (and often humdrum) job market, are using their manicure to forge ahead. But this doesn’t mean that the guys are necessarily gabbing about their fancy fingertips over power lunches. It’s still an underground world that only a select few are privy to. “It’s actually quite like that Brad Pitt movie Fight Club: We’re not supposed to talk about it to people on the outside. The guys who do it all know each other, mostly through the online groups they belong to, but we make a point of never telling anyone else about the nail salons we use. Rule number one—and two—about business nail: You do not talk about business nail!” one man, who shall remain nameless, told Japan Today. But even for those who do manage to integrate themselves into the secret beauty society of bijinesu neiru (business nail), the designs don’t come cheap. “It costs a lot of money, sure—sometimes half of my salary goes to hearts and fake gemstones—but it’s worth doing right, and there are a handful of high-end nail salons that cater to men like us, often after hours because we work late and can’t get there otherwise,” another source told the newspaper. Some of these salons, known as chikane, are found in the red-light districts of the country and include perks other than just a great paint job. But money (and “sensual massages”) aside, the benefits outweigh the monetary losses. One man went from being an unknown “drone” eating “freeze-dried prawns” to baller (upping his salary by 275 percent) after his boss noticed the company’s logo painted on his nails in the cafeteria. If only my net worth were based on my manicure, my stock would be soaring right about now…

UPDATE: Our sources tell us this is story is likely too hilarious to be true.


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