August 27 2014

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These Techy-Looking Tools Will Change Your Morning Makeup Routine


artis-brushes“To create, one must first question everything.” This is the mantra that makeup artist Matthew Waitesmith lived by when reinventing his must-have tool: the makeup brush. Leaving behind all prior notion of what a makeup brush should look like, he rebuilt it from the ground up. His new company, Artís, combined ergonomics with design to arrive at a brush that is as efficient as it is cool-looking.

After spending seventeen years on the retail side of the industry as the senior vice president of MAC Cosmetics’ Global Artist Training and Development program, Waitesmith gained perspective on the customer’s experience. He observed that applying makeup to yourself is not the same experience as applying it to someone else, and therefore the configuration of the tools for each should be different. Modeling the Artís brush after the human finger for optimal self-application, Waitesmith moved the bristles perpendicular to the handle. “If you only had fingers to put on makeup, you’d use the pad at the end of the finger, you wouldn’t use the point of the finger,” he noted.

The Artís brush forgoes the standard animal-fiber bristle for a completely consistent, man-made material (CosmeFibre). Natural fibers are made to protect by trapping things at a molecular level, so makeup brushes often hold onto cosmetic particles, he explained, which leads to a lot of strokes and reapplying to achieve consistency. This new technology is designed to let go of particles when the bristles touch skin—meaning they don’t suck up and waste your concealer or foundation. When we first got our hands on this collection in the offices, we were baffled (one editor asking, “Is that a toothbrush?” Another chiming in: “That big one would be great for grooming my rabbit”), but quickly realized how these brushes acted like our fingertips—only better. For example, the Elite Circle 1R perfectly camouflages a blemish with a few quick taps, feathering the cover-up gently out over the surrounding skin. And while the supersize Elite Oval 10 seems unwieldy, it’s the perfect tool for avoiding the dreaded foundation line—making quick work of any unblended pigment and helping to eliminate streaks. Needless to say, the bunny won’t be adding these magic wands to his arsenal anytime soon.

The Artís Elite Collection ranges from $24 to $62 per brush; artí

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