August 20 2014

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This Candle Smells Like Shampoo—and It’s Glorious



There are some scents that stick with you. For many it’s their grandmother’s perfume or their dad’s aftershave, but for me it’s shampoo. Am I particularly picky about haircare products? Absolutely not. In fact, I never pack pint-sized bottles when I travel, opting to use the hotel’s concoctions instead. I attribute this relative indifference to my childhood—my mother placed the utmost importance on investing in the best makeup, but whatever bottle was on sale at the grocery store was typically what I ended up using to wash my hair. It was only when I babysat that I got my hands on the good stuff: Biolage. I think those kids had the cleanest heads in America, as I would lather up their baby-fine strands in mountains of shampoo during their nightly bath. The fresh notes of forest leaves and lemon zest would linger on my skin long after the water went down the drain and the children were put to bed, leaving me to do my homework surrounded by a salon-like scent cloud.

With my babysitting days behind me and a career in beauty, I now stock my own bathroom with Biolage and inhale the fragrance on the regular (one of the pluses of being a bona fide grown-up). Even better: I can fill my entire apartment with this distinctive eau, as the brand has created a scented candle to accompany its kits of recently repackaged products infused with BioMatch technology (which takes inspiration from nature to solve problems like frizz and color fading). Going back in time never smelled so sweet.

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