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Beachy Waves Hit Brooklyn—and the West Coast


brooklyn-beachBrooklyn beach hair: What is that? A gritty, more lived-in version of surfer-girl waves, perfectly messed up by East Coast breezes, if not actual salty air from Brighton Beach. It’s also the name of the newest must-have stocked by herbalist and makeup artist Jessa Blades. Concocted with an all-natural blend of sea salt for volume, jojoba oil for hydration, rose water and a medley of essential oils for conditioning, the mist works equally well on wet or dry hair, and can be applied liberally since it contains zero harsh chemicals. (The only caveat: The 4-ounce bottle has a six-month shelf life.) California girls can also experience some BK flavor and see it in action, as Blades is hosting a natural beauty workshop today in Venice and a pop-up shop at Summer Camp in Ojai on May 3. Botanical-infused cocktails and massages will be on offer, as well as Blades’ other found creations—including Rose Elixir drops that calm anxiety and Tension Remedy, which eases headaches or hangovers—both cures needed far beyond the New York City borough.


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