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Beauty Sound Bite: Why We Don’t Give a Chip About a Pristine Polish Job


chipped-black-nail-polish“Honey, who wants to have perfect black nail polish? I want it chipped! I’m sure at the Met ball last year they all had perfect black nail polish, which was so uncool. What you need to have is a dysfunctional boyfriend with eyeliner on—yesterday’s—and chipped black nail polish. That’s sexy.”

A pristine polish job has become a necessity—if not a requirement—for many New Yorkers, with nail salons at full capacity on Sunday in preparation for the week ahead. Chipped tips are for the weak…or those who spend nearly every waking minute typing on either an iPhone or a computer (i.e., the life and times at But Jones noted in a recent interview that our unkempt nails—shown here on associate news editor Katharine K. Zarrella—are, in fact, the ultimate marker of cool nonchalance. (The black polish, which the hat honcho wore on his first day of college in 1976, solidifies our rebel status.) Our low-maintenance lacquer is also reflective of our feelings on watching paint dry every weekend, one that we think many women (and some men) share: Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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