August 27 2014

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A Boy and His Bouquet: A Man Reveals the Secrets to Great Skin (and a Mother’s Day Gift for Procrastinators)



I am obsessed with flawless skin—and stealing secrets from those blessed individuals who have it. One of the facades I continually admire (aside from Rihanna’s) actually belongs to a man. His name is Daniel Tyson, and as a beauty publicist he knows a thing or two about lotions and potions (his regime rivals that of the women in Korea, who, on average, incorporate twenty-seven steps into their routines). The only other peaches-and-cream complexion I’ve seen on a male that could match Tyson’s belongs to my almost-2-year-old nephew. But great skin isn’t his only God-given attribute—he can whip up a flower arrangement faster than a bodega (and trust me, it doesn’t include baby’s breath). Come Saturday and Sunday, Tyson will be stationed outside of Harry’s Corner Shop (located at 64 MacDougal Street in NYC’s Soho), crafting bespoke bouquets for the deserving mother in your life that you forgot to shop for. For guys who need a clean-shaven face to please Grandma and a gift, this weekend collaboration between Harry’s and La Fleur Garçon (Tyson’s side business) offers both; flowers will be on sale (11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday), for $20 with an in-store purchase and $30 for those just passing by. If you’re lucky, Tyson might even share a beauty tip or two. Here, he reveals the lessons he learned from his mama.

What are the best beauty secrets your mom shared with you? Did she start you on a skincare regimen?

So it’s funny, my mother is a Mary Kay director and now beauty junkie. Like mother, like son? She didn’t teach me about my skincare regimen, but recently she introduced me to a cleansing brush [Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush], and I have to say it is amazing! I use it every other day and it has nearly nixed all my breakouts. It’s also great for men because it helps prevent ingrown hairs after shaving—something I’ve always had a problem with.

Did you literally come out of the womb with that complexion?

No, I definitely did not come out of the womb with my current complexion—minus my perfectly blushed cheeks, which I can only explain as a result of genetics! I have experimented with many products and routines over the years, finally landing on [one] that works for me. I have a nine-to-twelve-step process, starting with a cleanser, then toner, face oil, eye cream, serum (sometimes two), moisturizer, spot treatment, BB cream, and a concealer for minimal cover-ups. What I have come to realize is that the routine is very important. I often change the specific products I use daily depending on my skin’s needs (i.e., an anti-redness serum might replace my hydrating serum for the day), but I always complete the same steps every morning and night.

I start first by cleansing my face. I absolutely love Dr. Jart+ V7 Cleansing Foam (I use it every night), but it was just discontinued…super depressing. Another cleanser I use is the Darphin Purifying Foam Cleanser with Licorice. It’s very light and refreshing but effective. When I shave I use Harry’s Winston Razor and Shave Lotion; they’re priced right and provide a clean, smooth shave. I live for Darphin’s face oils and serums—my favorite is the Tangerine Face Oil and Hydraskin Serum. Dr. Jart+ also makes an amazing Time Returning Serum, which I apply every night. It has snail mucin that supports natural regeneration of damaged skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. I have two go-to spot treatments; daytime I use Mary Kay’s Acne Treatment Gel, and at night, Darphin’s Aromatic Purifying Balm—it reduces irritation and redness overnight, a true miracle worker! For BB’s, I only use Dr. Jart+ and I am obsessed with [the brand's] Water-Fuse BB Cream. But one of my favorite products and the secret for glowing skin is Sisley’s Self-Tanning Hydrating Facial Skin Care—an amazing self-tanner that enhances the skin’s natural-looking glow, without leaving streaks. In addition to all this, I drink at least three liters of water per day. Hydration is key to healthy skin!

How did you get into arranging flowers?

My grandmother and mother used to always keep a garden and I loved picking the fresh vegetables. We also planted flowers every season and this is how I learned to appreciate and care for them. My mom was also always a supporter of my creativity—starting early with my painting. I always enjoyed playing with color, and at a young age I realized all the amazing colors in nature. About four years ago I started playing with flower arranging for various events, and it was a hit. I find it relaxing, inspiring, and a wonderful creative outlet.

What are you giving your mom this year?

My favorite alternative to a floral arrangement is a Diptyque candle. My mom’s favorite is Roses.

What is the key to crafting a Mother’s Day bouquet that doesn’t look like you bought it last minute outside the corner deli?

The flower choice and color. My favorite flower is sweet pea—some have amazing two-toned color that I find irresistibly beautiful. For Mother’s Day, I like pastel roses because they are soft, feminine, and regal. I also suggest splurging a little and purchasing beautiful and feminine flowers, like roses or pink peonies; think of them as the foundation for the bouquet, the most important part. Then add simple greens and small pops of complementary colors. Remember, simplicity, especially in nature, can be beautiful, so don’t feel the need to overdo it.

Then again, I’ll likely take the easy way out and allow you to make something with love.


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