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Eat Your Greens—and Slather Them on Your Skin


perriconeCHLOROPHYLL (klor-uh-fil) / n./ 1./ A pigment that gives plants and algae their green color and is used during photosynthesis to trap energy from the sun. / 2./ Rich in enzymes and amino acids, this biomolecule is found in green produce such as kale, parsley, sprouts, wheat grass, and seaweed. / 3./ Research has found that chlorophyll acts as a blocking agent against carcinogens and protects cells from DNA damage. / 4./ Because of its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, it has been used therapeutically to soothe wounds. / 5./ A trendy water additive, chlorophyll extract is thought to hike up energy levels by increasing oxygen in the blood. / 6./ Topically, the pigment helps pull impurities from skin and boosts radiance—e.g., “Beat fatigue and perk up your complexion with chlorophyll.”

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