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Does Exfoliating the Scalp Actually Lead to Thicker Hair?


restorseaIt’s no secret that exfoliation is the basis of healthy, smooth skin. But a good buffing can also work wonders for your hair—or, more specifically, your scalp. By sloughing away dead cells that can build up in and around the follicle, your hair is more likely to stay thick and free from breakage, and grow to its full potential. Sounds great, right? Well, as someone with extremely fine hair, I’ve been skeptical about putting any type of “treatment” near my roots, since most involve rich oils that deflate my mane like five-day-old tulips. But when I heard that Restorsea recently launched a Revitalizing Scalp Treatment formulated without mineral oil or silicone, I was (cautiously) intrigued. The elixir is the first hair offering from the skincare brand and contains the same hero ingredient found in all their creams and potions: Aquabeautine XL, a natural enzyme derived from salmon that exfoliates gently, almost like a glycolic acid minus the redness and irritation. When misted on the scalp, it miraculously doesn’t weigh down hair, even if applied rather generously. I recommend using it post-shower, and sectioning your damp strands with a comb so you can spritz close to your scalp. Let the nongreasy ingredients soak in for five minutes before blowdrying, and then marvel at the volumizing results. Added bonus: The treatment also left my strands softer and shinier after the first use, sans any greasy scalp residue. Reason enough to exfoliate this zone on the regular.


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