August 20 2014

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An Instant Pick-Me-Up for Parched Summer Skin


glamglow-powermud-dualcleanse-treatmentVELVET PLANT (vel-vit plant) /n. / 1. A biennial flowering herb native to Europe and the Mediterranean, Verbascum thapsus (commonly referred to as mullein, and nicknamed velvet plant, lady’s foxglove, and donkey’s ears) was introduced to North America in the 1700s. /2. / With the potential to reach heights of 10 feet, the sturdy stalk was dipped into animal fat and used as a torch by ancient Romans and during the California Gold Rush. The soft, feltlike leaves have also earned it the sobriquet of “cowboy toilet paper” in the Western U.S. /3. / This botanical is rich in amino acids that replenish and build the skin’s lipid layer to defend against external irritants. Some native tribes apply a powder of the root to soothe rashes, sores, and skin irritations. /4. / Because of velvet plant’s innate emollient properties, traditional medicine practitioners used the dried flowers in teas or syrups to alleviate a sore throat or bronchitis—e.g., “Nix a bothersome cough or soothe an irritated complexion with velvet plant.”

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