August 21 2014

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Drugstore Discovery: Shampoo That Solves Your Color and Volume Woes at Once


john-frieda-volume-shampoo I color my hair for many reasons—not the least of which is the insanely good volume I get following a session of highlights. In fact, I have been known to sit patiently with my head covered in heaps of foils for hours just to reap the thickening benefits. I won’t get into the science behind how chemical dyes provide this boost, but suffice to say, the aftereffect of coloring is awesome. Still, this helium-like state only lasts for so long, until your normal texture (and roots) eventually return. Taking note of this reality, the pros at John Frieda decided to bottle a solution, in the form of their new Luxurious Volume Touchably Full for Colour-Treated Hair Shampoo. Made with lightweight plumping compounds and tone-preserving agents, the formula lifts at the roots and prevents fading in equal parts. Having lathered up with it for weeks, I’m now completely obsessed. The shift in volume is incredible—my hair is lush, almost like a wind machine is blowing up my strands. The density lasts all day, too, so much so that when I do a ponytail, I only need to wrap my elastic band around twice, as opposed to three times (a true test of hair’s thickness). The foamy lather also managed to restore my burned-out highlights to their original, sun-flecked glory so that now I can go longer in between salon appointments. But even better: A bottle will set you back less than $6.

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