September 2 2014

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An Exclusive Interview With Choupette Lagerfeld On Her Shu Uemura Beauty Campaign



At, we go to great lengths to get you the inside scoop on everything from breaking fashion news to backstage beauty reports. And when we received word that Choupette Lagerfeld was joining forces with Shu Uemura and fronting a cosmetics collection for the holidays, naturally we went straight to the source. Here, an interview with the most covetable kitten on social media.

Last time the Kaiser created makeup with Shu Uemura, his muse was a manga-esque Mon Shu Girl with a black bob and red eyes. We’re really excited that you’re doing Daddy Karl the honor of starring in the campaign. What does this modeling milestone mean to you?

I might as well change my name to “Shu” pette now.

We love that moniker, Choupette.

Forget Choupette, Mademoiselle, Princess, or Queen—call me ‘Shu’pette!

Yes, your highness. You’re also launching a book, Choupette: The Private Life of a High-Flying Fashion Life. So tell us, what was the hardest part of the writing process?

Should I or should I not host a book signing? #FirstFelineProblems

Well, that’s easy, of course you should. Seeing as the Shu Uemura range is, according to WWD, the “first tie-up between a beauty name and house pet,” how do you feel about beating out other celebrity animals, like Cecil Delevingne?

Reason 67907083 felines are superior to bunnies: We know not to climb into air conditioners.

And I suppose Daddy Karl knows better than to fall asleep on the job.

Leave @Caradelevingne alone! Sometimes you just need a good catnap. #Truth

Our deepest apologies. How do you feel about the fashion set wearing furry faux lashes—a rumored star in the line—come launch time?

[It’s my] next step to #fashion and #beauty (then world) domination.

*All responses were pulled from Twitter, @ChoupettesDiary

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