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How To Get The Face Of An Angel, The 2009 Edition


The “biggest show on earth” took place yesterday, with a live performance from Fergie to boot. But before all of the winged action on the Victoria’s Secret runway began, we made our way past the weapon-sniffing dogs and waded through piles of rogue hair extensions backstage to chat up makeup artist Tom Pecheux, who was turning a bevy of supermodels into Angels. Heidi Klum, Doutzen Kroes, Sessilee Lopez, Caroline Winberg, and Chanel Iman pranced around in short pink and white satin robes waiting for their turn in the makeup artist’s chair, where he was applying what he described as a “sophisticated fresh look” on Miranda Kerr. “I’m using gentle shades,” Pecheux said, adding that there would be “no aggressive colors” on his divine creatures. A tan, rosy cheeks and contouring, and pink lipstick topped off with peach gloss are practically pre-requisites at the VS spectaculars. But Pecheux did add his own flair to the signature look, replacing harsh black liner with a gray version that he dragged beyond the outer corner of the eye to dress up taupe and pink shadows, which were pressed into the crease for a “banana” effect. And since he’s of the mind that “a full fringe drags down the face,” he applied single lashes for added glamour. The finishing touch? A lot of glow. Shimmer was generously applied to Kerr’s cheek and brow bones with a little smidgen added to the inner corner of the eye as well. “That’s the bling-bling,” Pecheux said.

Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

The Rules Of Finger Painting


We tend to eschew makeup brushes in favor of the ten free precision tools attached to our hands. The only trouble is, they don’t come with an instruction manual. Enter Galit Strugano. The Girlactik Beauty creator advocates using your fingers instead of synthetic or natural brushes so you can benefit from the natural heat and oils in your skin, which melt the product for a smoother application. She also maintains that each finger applies a different pressure, meaning one is better for patting on concealer and another for spreading eye shadow, etc. Huh, and we’ve just been using whichever digit naturally makes its way into the eye shadow quad. See below for her finger-painting tips:

Ring Finger for Concealer

Using your fourth finger allows for a softer touch when applying concealer, so you make sure you’re not pulling the skin in such a sensitive area. (Visible dark circles trump inadvertently causing the early signs of aging, as far as we’re concerned!)

Index Finger for Shadow

This finger possesses a little more pressure but still has a gentle touch so that your shadow spreads evenly.

Middle Finger for Eye Crease

The middle finger is the strongest, so it’s ideal for framing your eye, creating definition as you move it back and forth.

Pinky for Inner Eye

Your smallest finger is perfect for applying makeup to those hard-to-reach places. It has the least strength of all so, it will also prevent you from globbing on highlighter when you’re trying to be precise.

Photo: Sandra Mu/Getty Images

M LAB, The Exclusive Sale


With members-only e-commerce sites gaining steam (the soft launch of Daily Candy’s new Swirl was scheduled for today, but, alas, the “coming soon” homepage is still up on its Web site), the originators of the cyber-shopping phenomenon are looking for ways to distinguish themselves from the new competition. has chosen beauty as its point of difference and intends on premiering its first dedicated sale for skincare tomorrow. M Lab—a collection comprising creams and cleansers with the highest level of clinically active ingredients on the market—will be the first brand to get its own 36-hour members-only event—and if the idea of increased efficacy hasn’t sold you, there’s a little something else to sweeten the deal. Every purchase you make, while supplies last, comes with a free .5 oz tub of the cosmeceutical line’s Anti-Aging Treatment Cream, which typically costs $50 on its own. And don’t worry if you’re not actually an member. Being part of the elite club that is’s reading audience comes with enough clout to get you through the virtual door. Click here to get your shop on come Tuesday.

Photo: Courtesy of

François Nars, Party Monster


Last night, we bore witness to one of the more epic beauty-and-fashion parties we’ve attended to date. Together in one room were supermodels old and new and rag-trade megastars (see Theyskens, Olivier, and Jacobs, Marc), not to mention one very bedazzled Amanda Lepore—all of whom gathered to celebrate the launch of François Nars’ new photo book, 15×15. The highlight of the night, aside from seeing Nars’ beautiful portraits projected in super-size onto a huge white wall, was watching Daphne Guinness take the bathroom stairs in a pair of completely impractical but entirely unforgettable Alexander McQueen platforms, with not a hand on the banister for assisted balance. It was impressive, to put it mildly. Click here to read our complete party coverage.

Photo: Courtesy of 15×15 by François Nars

Beauty Booty: The Hair Doctor Is In


What: Meet Philip Kingsley and get all of your questions about hair health answered in person (that winter-induced dandruff is treatable!).

When: Friday, November 13, from 5 to 7 p.m.

Where: Space NK at the newly renovated Bloomingdale’s at 59th Street and Lexington Avenue. Call (212) 705-2772 to book your consultation.

Why: Not only did Kingsley recently answer all of our seasonal-specific hair trauma questions, but he has also kept our tresses chlorine-damage-free through countless trips to the Y with his patented Swim Cap cream. We also like that Kingsley refers to himself as a trichologist, rather than a stylist, implying that his expertise goes beyond mere blow-outs and updos and focuses instead on treating hair problems as a dermatologist would treat skin problems. It makes his whole operation seem that much more legit, which we appreciate.

Photo: Courtesy of Philip Kingsley