August 30 2014

styledotcom Kate Upton's new ad will have you staring at her...eyes:

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Recycle Your Boxes, Get a Free Lipstick


After a recent conversation with a friend who is apparently more green-minded than I am, it came to my attention that MAC Cosmetics is as dedicated to the environment as it is to glam fashion initiatives. FYI: If you return six pieces of the brand’s primary cosmetics packaging to a MAC counter near you, or by mail, you can receive a free MAC lipstick of your choosing. The program’s been around for a few years, although it seems particularly pertinent now. Getting that stick of Russian Red in exchange for trash—and saving $14 in the process— could be a boon to that new need-based budget you’ve put yourself on. There doesn’t seem to be any kind of “proof of purchase” stipulation attached to the program, either, so putting a “seeking your empty makeup boxes” post on Craigslist is perfectly legit.

Photo: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics


FDA Approves Latisse; Lash Lovers Rejoice


It’s official: According to a statement released on Friday by Allergan, Inc., the pharmaceutical company that brought us Botox has received FDA approval to market a spin-off of its Lumigan glaucoma treatment as the world’s first and only drug that can enhance the length, thickness, and darkness of eyelashes. As we reported a few months ago, the scientific breakthrough that came about as an odd side effect from a medication intended to treat blindness could spell the end of mascara as we know it, with visible results promised in as little as eight weeks. Renamed Latisse, the drug will be available only with a prescription beginning in early 2009, although the company is no doubt trying to get it approved as an over-the-counter cosmetic as soon as possible. Until then, you’ll have to try and make a really, really convincing argument to your doctor about how your short, positively inadequate lashes are causing you “pain.”

Photo: Seth Joel/Getty Images

The Icelandic Beauty Brands Cometh


Boutique Unique London, the U.K. creative agency responsible for bringing the best of Icelandic beauty to its equally vitamin-D starved shores, has inked a deal with New York-based import/export company Beauty Prophet LLC, to bring the Land of Fire and Ice to North Americans seeking Scandinavian skincare secrets. The brands set to arrive here as early as January, according to a report in Cosmetics Business, include Tœr Icelandic, a holistic skincare regimen packed with organic herbs, essential oils, vitamins, and minerals and Dr. Jón Bragi Bjarnason’s eponymous line, designed around a cold-adapted aquatic enzyme that he discovered in the diverse marine life of Iceland’s famed waters. Now if only we could figure out how to bottle the country’s Norse heritage (read: tall, blond genes) and ready it for export as well…

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L’Oreal And Elizabeth Banks: No Laughing Matter


If you pride yourself on staying up on your celebrity spokesperson news, then you may’ve heard that actress Elizabeth Banks will join the likes of Beyoncé and Eva Longoria-Parker as the new face of L’Oréal come next year. In an announcement made right before the weekend, WWD reported that the Zack and Miri Make a Porno star will begin appearing in TV and print ads for the cosmetics giant beginning this February in a multiyear deal estimated to be worth about $1 million a year. We find this information particularly interesting, because while Banks has had her fair share of “serious” acting parts, we know and love her mostly for her comedic work in films like Wet Hot American Summer—roles that don’t usually attract the attention of beauty industry bigwigs. Perhaps the higher-ups at L’Oréal loved her “you taste like barbecue sauce” scene with Paul Rudd just as much as we did? Another victory for funny ladies everywhere.

Photo: Todd Williamson/WireImage

Cured, By The Prick Of A Pin


Overtired, overweight, fertility-challenged masses, take solace: London’s Kite Clinic is accepting new patients. Fast becoming the destination for Britons seeking respite from a variety of disorders, the acupuncture studio/therapist’s couch has been credited with weaning people off a reliance on prescriptions, bringing sleep to longtime insomniacs, and even helping couples conceive. The master of the house is one Gerad Kite, a psychotherapist turned acupuncturist whose way with Classical Five-Element Acupuncture has earned him a cult following with celebrities, models, and the UK’s business elite. This is not a mere fad. Kite’s introduction sessions are legendary—a simple query into the details of patients’ lives often evolves into a cathartic, tear-stained conversation. Then he starts in with the needles. “The idea is to make you well. When you are well, everything functions better—stress levels goes down, health improves, and conception and sleep come easier, more naturally,” he says, adding that side effects like weight loss are not necessarily intentional, but also not surprising. “When you don’t sleep, your body can’t function the way it should, and weight won’t come off until your body is working properly.” In March, Kite will bring his operation stateside with the opening of his first New York location. To make an appointment in advance, visit the contact page on

Photo: Thomas Del Brase / Getty Images