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A Dessert-Worthy, DIY Face Spritz



We’re always game for some all-natural beauty—especially if we can make it ourselves—but it’s rare we come across a product we can actually eat. Laila Gohar, a NYC-based chef, founder of Sunday Supper catering, and quite possibly the most style savvy girl at the farmer’s market, shared her favorite edible beauty concoction with the Huffington Post: a water-and-orange-blossom-flower face spritz. It’s more than just a refreshing toner: “Traditionally, it’s used for Middle Eastern desserts like baklava,” she explained. Consider it your simple, two-ingredient solution for the hot and humid weekend ahead.

For 10 ready-made versions, check out our favorite cooling face sprays for summer.


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A DIY Body Scrub for Bikini-Clad Days


ohne-titel-bikiniThis column reveals the personal beauty recipes, homegrown remedies, and family concoctions that the industry’s trusted pros rely on for staying radiant.

From the Kitchen of: Blair Wagoner, cofounder of the newly opened Fig & Flower natural beauty boutique.

“I was inspired to make this on a day when I ran out of an all-natural coffee scrub we sell in our shop. I didn’t want to go without it, so I just decided to whip up my own. Now I use this version every morning—besides the skin-softening benefits, the scent of this recipe really wakes me up! I like to use organic, fair-trade ingredients free of pesticides, and usually prefer the aromatic qualities of medium- to dark-roasted beans. The caffeine in the coffee grounds tightens skin and increases circulation to temporarily decrease the appearance of cellulite, while the sugar and coconut oil exfoliate and moisturize any dry patches. The recipe is actually quite simple, but this combination really does promote healthy, glowing skin.”

One for the Recipe Box: Bikini-Ready Body Scrub

1/4 cup coarsely ground organic coffee beans
1/4 cup turbinado sugar (Note: “This variety is coarser than regular sugar, which I find makes for a better—and softer—exfoliator.”)
2 tablespoons warmed coconut oil (“You can adjust the amount for a more or less thick scrub.”)

Mix the coffee grounds and sugar in a small bowl. Slowly add in the coconut oil while combining with your fingers or a small spatula until well-blended.

Photo: Courtesy of Ohne Titel

Hannah Bronfman Helps You Travel Like a “Natural Nomad” This 4th of July Weekend



Hannah Bronfman and business partner Annie Evans already developed an app (in conjunction with Peter Hananel) dubbed Beautified to help the time-pressed book same-day services (like a pedicure, massage, blow-out, or Brazilian) at “influencer- and editor-approved” salons and spas. In other words, it’s like Open Table for perpetual primping procrastinators like myself. Their latest project, however, is less digitally dependent and more down to earth. Partnering with Net-a-Porter, the cofounders created a TSA-friendly kit complete with their all-natural beauty favorites. Included in the custom canvas pouch: a Beautified VIP card (i.e., $25 off your next service booked through the app); Ilia Multistick in Sway (a bronzy hue); Rahua Volume Spray; Tata Harper Body Lotion and Body Oil; Joya Composition No. 1 roll-on perfume; LAFCO hand lotion; and RGB nail polish (in an exclusive mauve shade called Beautified), cuticle oil, and remover pad.

When asked why the duo went the natural route for their first tangible collaboration, Bronfman said, “Our friends are starting to have babies, and when you become pregnant, I think that’s when women really start to think about the products they’re putting on their bodies. So I think a lot of our friends have influenced us.” And for those who are less concerned about taking a holistic approach and just want to look radiant and frizz-free, Bronfman assured me that “everything is going to be especially great for the beach.” It’s a good thing, seeing as the NYC-based DJ and girl-about-town is escaping to Muskoka (a lake town in rural Canada) and possibly taking a side trip to Mykonos this summer. For those of us who are visiting far less glamorous locales this holiday weekend (like a wedding in Portland…I’m not bitter about missing prime BBQ time or anything), consider this your beauty retreat in a bag.

Launching July 2, Natural Nomad Essentials Kit, $50;

Kitchen Confidential: Josie Maran’s Model-Ready Hair Recipe


josie-maranThis column reveals the personal beauty recipes, homegrown remedies, and family concoctions that the industry’s trusted pros rely on for staying radiant.

From the Kitchen of: Josie Maran (left), model and founder of Josie Maran Cosmetics

“I’ve always considered myself a total product junkie—and a curious one at that. When I would model, I’d constantly be asking the makeup artists and hairstylists on set what kind of products they were using on me, whether they were good for me, if they used natural ingredients (they usually didn’t). I quickly realized that most of what was being used was packed with artificial ingredients, parabens, sulfates, the works. This homemade recipe originated after lots of back-to-back days on set, when I felt like my hair needed a total detoxification experience. I experimented with ingredients that I know and love, and have proven efficacious. Now it’s become a mainstay in my beauty routine and something I love treating myself to every now and then. And you can’t mess it up—which makes it all the more relaxing!”

One for the Recipe Box: A Detoxing Hair Fix

1 bag rooibos tea
2 full droppers of argan oil
3 drops rosemary oil
Sulfate-free shampoo

“Brew your rooibos tea, let it cool, and then pour it over your hair, brushing it through and leaving it on for ten minutes. This will help to break up any existing residue on the scalp. While that’s soaking in, blend together your argan and rosemary oil into a bowl. Rosemary oil is one of the best hair-growth-enhancing essential oils, as it’s thought to increase cellular metabolism. Massage this mixture deeply into your scalp and leave on for another ten minutes. The first step of this mask was super-clarifying, so now we need to let the hair absorb all of these delicious oils. Finish by washing hair with a sulfate-free shampoo so you’re not stripping out the oils you just added. I usually like to let hair air-dry naturally after a treatment like this. I find the smell of the oils combined with the rooibos tea will make you feel like you’ve just walked out of a spa.”

Photo: Instagram

Beachy Waves Hit Brooklyn—and the West Coast


brooklyn-beachBrooklyn beach hair: What is that? A gritty, more lived-in version of surfer-girl waves, perfectly messed up by East Coast breezes, if not actual salty air from Brighton Beach. It’s also the name of the newest must-have stocked by herbalist and makeup artist Jessa Blades. Concocted with an all-natural blend of sea salt for volume, jojoba oil for hydration, rose water and a medley of essential oils for conditioning, the mist works equally well on wet or dry hair, and can be applied liberally since it contains zero harsh chemicals. (The only caveat: The 4-ounce bottle has a six-month shelf life.) California girls can also experience some BK flavor and see it in action, as Blades is hosting a natural beauty workshop today in Venice and a pop-up shop at Summer Camp in Ojai on May 3. Botanical-infused cocktails and massages will be on offer, as well as Blades’ other found creations—including Rose Elixir drops that calm anxiety and Tension Remedy, which eases headaches or hangovers—both cures needed far beyond the New York City borough.