August 28 2014

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Beachy Waves Hit Brooklyn—and the West Coast


brooklyn-beachBrooklyn beach hair: What is that? A gritty, more lived-in version of surfer-girl waves, perfectly messed up by East Coast breezes, if not actual salty air from Brighton Beach. It’s also the name of the newest must-have stocked by herbalist and makeup artist Jessa Blades. Concocted with an all-natural blend of sea salt for volume, jojoba oil for hydration, rose water and a medley of essential oils for conditioning, the mist works equally well on wet or dry hair, and can be applied liberally since it contains zero harsh chemicals. (The only caveat: The 4-ounce bottle has a six-month shelf life.) California girls can also experience some BK flavor and see it in action, as Blades is hosting a natural beauty workshop today in Venice and a pop-up shop at Summer Camp in Ojai on May 3. Botanical-infused cocktails and massages will be on offer, as well as Blades’ other found creations—including Rose Elixir drops that calm anxiety and Tension Remedy, which eases headaches or hangovers—both cures needed far beyond the New York City borough.


Kitchen Confidential: An Instant Remedy for Younger-Looking Eyes


cara-delevingne-cropThis column reveals the personal beauty recipes, homegrown remedies, and family concoctions that the industry’s trusted pros rely on for staying radiant.

From the Kitchen of: Mila Moursi, aesthetician and founder of Mila Moursi Skincare

“I learned a lot of recipes growing up in France where there’s an emphasis on natural remedies to supplement spa treatments and products. As part of my training, I worked with a brand in Paris that made organic skin products created that day for the customer, so home remedies have always been part of my philosophy. This one is my favorite for making eyes look less tired and puffy. I like to use either camellia oil—which has essential fatty acids, such as omega-9, as well as vitamin E, plant proteins, and collagen to revive the skin—or wheat germ oil, a rich source of vitamin B and folic acid to nourish the eye area and treat fine lines and wrinkles. To get the most benefits from this recipe, buy the best-quality oils you can find.”

One for the Recipe Box: A DIY De-Puffing Procedure
1/2 cup cold milk
A few drops of camellia oil or wheat germ oil
Two slices of chilled cucumber or lemon

“Create a cold compress by dipping a washcloth in milk and pressing this over closed eyes for a few minutes in the morning. The combination of the cold plus the lactic acid in the milk constricts blood vessels and hydrates the skin. Next, pat on camellia oil or wheat germ oil, then apply the chilled cucumber slices for about fifteen minutes. This has an astringent-like effect to rid puffiness and soothe swollen skin. If you have dark circles, lemon slices are wonderful to use instead since the fruit has a whitening enzyme. But keep in mind that lemons are photosensitive, so this treatment is best used at night. Afterward, finish with a serum to moisturize so the skin around your eyes looks smooth and firm.”

Photo: Instagram

Kitchen Confidential: How to Whip Up an Earth-Friendly, Floral Body Wash


Barbarian BathThis column reveals the personal beauty recipes, homegrown remedies, and family concoctions that the industry’s trusted pros rely on for staying radiant.

From the Kitchen of: Kristi Head, artist and founder of Lite + Cycle sustainable goods

“I love to experiment and concoct. I taught myself this recipe when I realized how hard it was to find a beautifully scented body wash with a boudoir-like feel that’s also free from synthetic and chemical ingredients. I cherish this version because it’s pure, nontoxic, nondrying, easy to make—and smells just the way I like it. I use botanical oils sourced from the health food store, like sea buckthorn, which is packed with essential fatty acids, including vitamins A and E. It’s skin heaven! You can add more or less of these oils to customize the scent to your liking, too. I use this creation in the shower every day.”

One for the Recipe Box: Bespoke Shower Wash
7 1/2 ounces unscented organic liquid castile soap (Dr. Bronner’s is great)
1 teaspoon organic jojoba or almond oil
10 drops sea buckthorn oil
6 drops jasmine oil
3 drops rose oil

“Add the castile soap to an empty 8-ounce container with a pump dispenser or screw-cap top. In a separate container, add the remaining ingredients, and agitate gently to blend. Pour the oils into the liquid soap, shake to mix, and the wash is ready to use.” (FYI: “The oils may separate later on,” said Head. “Don’t worry, this is normal and won’t affect the quality of the wash.”)

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The Best Non-Crunchy, Eco-Friendly Beauty Products



Eco, at least when it comes to beauty, often equates to products that leave much to be desired as far as aesthetics are concerned and stink to high heaven once you slather them on. I’ve never been into the “natural” scent that normally consists of a combination of patchouli and some rare botanical handpicked from a far-flung field. I’m all for saving the planet and minimizing my carbon footprint, but as an eighties child who was raised on synthetics (my diet consisted of Lucky Charms and I doused myself in cucumber melon body spritz), it’s difficult to make the switch to good-for-you (and the planet) ingredients and packaging. In this week’s Style Hunter, I round up the ten green and gorgeous finds that are helping me make the transition. Click here to discover my new stripped-down essentials.

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An All-Natural, Austrian Beauty Secret



In 1850 in the Austrian Valley, Susanne Kaufmann’s great-great-grandparents opened the Hotel Post Bezau, which thrived happily for more than a century as a place to undergo “la cure” (i.e., a doctor-supervised health break via massages, water therapy, and good old-fashioned mountain air). In 2003, when Kaufmann expanded by adding a spa with the requisite beauty treatments, she knew one thing: The products would have to match the natural, alpine-clean, and health-promoting ethos that made the hotel so successful.

An intensive search for a beauty partner that fit her rigorous criteria of no chemicals, no preservatives, and no color amalgamators turned up nothing, so she decided to create her own range. To realize her goal, she called upon a neighboring farmer to pitch in. “Hotel Post Bezau has always sourced regionally—our menu came from local produce, and the materials for the hotel as well, so we knew we wanted to stick to that spirit and maintain the Austrian authenticity,” explained Kaufmann. “We called on our neighbor Ingo Metzler, a farmer who was making cheese but who also started his own cosmetics line from alpine ingredients, and we decided to collaborate.”

To create the formulas, they literally foraged through meadows and fields of the Bregenz Forest, plucking a myriad of plant-based ingredients such as rosemary, marigold flower, broccoli seed, yarrow, chamomile, thyme, and sage. Then, along with dermatologist Seppl Waldner, they combined them with energy-rich oils like rosehip seed and cuckoo flower, resulting in a series of products that are both restorative and curative. Not only is aging addressed, but also everyday problems like eczema, psoriasis, and even a stiff neck. An added bonus: The sleek and modern packaging make the bottles and jars pretty enough to keep out on your bathroom counter.

So it comes as no surprise that people started noticing them outside of the Austrian hills. 10 Corso Como and Greenwich Village’s Aedes de Venustas, as well as a host of well-edited shops around the globe, are stockists. Up next for the burgeoning brand? A cellulite “peeling” cream—and early next week, an edit of their line will launch on Net-a-Porter.