August 1 2014

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Honoré Des Prés: French, Organic, And Coming To New York


Honoré Des Prés Fragrance











With all eyes on Paris for another three days, it seemed fitting to mention a very exciting, very Parisian launch coming our way in April. That would be Honoré des Prés, a new line of Ecocert-supported organic perfumes that debuted in Paris in November. With olfactory utopia in mind, the brand’s founders first enlisted the services of Robertet, a perfume manufacturing company known for its stock of rare, natural ingredients. They then entrusted those to the French fragrance industry’s rising star Olivia Giacobetti, whose credits include compositions for L’Artisan Parfumeur, Diptyque, Guerlain, and Frédéric Malle, in addition to a collection of eaux de parfum she produces under her own company name, IUNX fragrances. The five resulting scents (four of which were designed by Giacobetti) truly look and smell unique—and in an oversaturated market that continues to churn out what seems to be the same perfume in a different color, different bottle, and with a different celebrity endorsement, that’s saying something: Sexy Angelic, the gourmand of the group, has hints of marzipan and hemlock; Nu Green, with a tinge of fresh mint and tarragon, is purifying and crisp; Chaman’s Party, which apparently possesses aphrodisiac properties, boasts a combo of moist earth and woody patchouli; Honoré’s Trip is a complex, citrusy pepper explosion; and Bonté’s Bloom, with its hints of iris butter and blue chamomile, comes across as pure romance. When these bow at Bergdorf Goodman next month, the issue won’t be whether or not to indulge, but which one to choose—you’ll have to elbow us out of the way first, though.

Photo: Courtesy of Honoré Des Prés


Paris Hilton: Five More Years


Say what you will about Paris Hilton; the heiress has proven herself to be quite the pusher of perfume. Eight different scents already bear her name, and while we don’t own a single one, her fan base is apparently growing just fine without us. So fine, in fact, that Parlux Fragrances, Inc. has just signed the celebutante to a new five-year licensing agreement to ensure further brand extensions. Ms. Hilton has also been named Celebrity of the Year by the Fragrance Foundation and will accept her FiFi Award this May. It’s times like these when all that partying and being born into privilege really pay off.

Photo: Jun Sato/ WireImage

Ferragamo Parfums Goes Virtual


We heard a small murmur about this a few weeks ago, but it didn’t really hit home until a video game-savvy guy friend of ours—whose connection to the beauty world begins and ends with this blog—alerted us to the situation from firsthand experience. Ferragamo Parfums has gone virtual, setting up billboards for two of its fragrances in Rockstar Games new Midnight Club Los Angeles. The racing game, set in various L.A. locales, features, among other things, a photo-realistic drive down Sunset Boulevard, with actual landmarks and roadside billboards—like the ones Ferragamo purchased for its Incanto Collection and F by Ferragamo fragrances. There’s also a simulation of the facade of the Ferragamo boutique on Rodeo Drive, so take pause while you’re trying to outrun the 5-0 and peek out the window of that souped-up Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster—or whatever European luxury car you choose for the pursuit.

Photo: Courtesy of

Diesel’s Brave New World


Branded as “the essence of the Diesel man in a bottle,” the latest fragrance from the Italian denim company comes in a silver, crystallized, fist-pumping flacon that piqued our curiosity. Called Only the Brave to evoke the “courage, power, and positive energy” it takes to overcome adversity, the new coriander, labdanum, and amber scent is a tribute to the company’s founder, Renzo Rosso, whose own resolute hand, it turns out, served as inspiration for the container. Slated for a May release, it’s definitely one of the more innovative options out there as far as things you might consider buying for the man in your life (or your own personal fragrance collection)—especially since the scent is not as in-your-face as the packaging, and the bottle will cause you a bit of personal amusement every time you see it. Pounds all around.

Photo: Courtesy of Diesel


Bond No. 9 Encourages Reinterpretation


As we reported a few weeks back, Bond No. 9′s latest fragrance, Brooklyn, was inspired by the diverse neighborhoods and attitude of the bohemia on the East River. We ended our report by highlighting the graffiti scrawl on the bottle. A nice touch, we thought—an homage to an inherent gritty edge that will hopefully never be yuppified. Apparently, our strong response to the design wasn’t the only one. The fragrance house has received so many (unsolicited) opinions on the matter, they’ve initiated a Brooklyn Bottle Design Competition so that the borough’s actual artists in residence can have their say. The contest will rage on through March and then two winners will be chosen in early April when their submissions will be sent into production. Each victor will also receive one bottle of the fragrance every month for a year. The ground rules are below. Let the art-marking commence.

- Designs should include Bond No. 9′s circular “token” logo (see above) and fit within the outline of the brand’s superstar flacon.

- Any medium or style is admissible.

- Inspiration can come from anywhere in Brooklyn—DUMBO, Park Slope, Flatbush, Canarsie, Midwood, Bay Ridge—or from the very idea of the borough itself.

- Completed designs should be submitted to or Bond No. 9, 9 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012 by March 31, 2009.

Photo: Courtesy of Bond No. 9