April 24 2014

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Paris To Sing “Siren” Song


It was recently announced that Paris Hilton will take home the Celebrity of the Year award at the Fifis on May 27th, thus joining Katie “Jordan” Price—her why-is-she-famous U.K. counterpart—who just received the same honor across the pond. Coupled with that new five-year contract we told you about last month, it’s safe to say that the fragrance world wants more Paris, and more Paris they shall receive. One of our favorite perfume blogs just reported that the follow-up to the heiress’ successful Fairy Dust franchise will be called Siren. While no information on the new scent has been released yet, we can see the ad campaign now: Paris as water nymph, leading (hulking, greased-up) sailors astray with her sea song. Long, crimped extensions to simulate beach hair will likely abound. Any other predictions for the creative visuals? Hilton half naked and/or in something skin tight is also a given.

Photo: Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Custo Barcelona’s (New) Terms Of Endearment


Around the turn of the millennium, Custo Barcelona was huge. The bold prints, often embedded with illustrations of girls seemingly en route to or from Ibiza, gave the collection something of an aspirational quality that compelled me to make a special pilgrimage to the store’s Madrid outpost on a trip to Spain in 2000. My obsession with the brand faded shortly thereafter, although it will always have a special place in my heart—mostly because I adored the bell-sleeved, V-neck top I got on said trip for years! When it came to my attention that a) the line was still around, and b) it was launching its first fragrance, I experienced a moment of excited nostalgia. The eponymous new scent, designed for “adventuresses of the everyday” (yes, that is a real word, and, yes, I will start using it in conversation), was created by perfumer Alberto Morillas, although founder Custo Dalmau was apparently actively involved every step of the way. Bitter orange, wild strawberries, white peony, amber, and musk define the fragrance, which is being called a “fruity floral cypress,” and it’s fresh, spicy aroma is definitely making us wistful for a Mediterranean excursion…and that bell-sleeved shirt, which, sadly, we parted ways with a long time ago (a nine-year hiatus would’ve made it ripe for a comeback!).

Photo: Courtesy of Custo Barcelona

J’Adore Dior, Take Two


In honor of today’s weather, which might just mark the conclusion of the never-ending winter of ’08, we’re feeling a particular affinity for the new J’Adore l’Eau. A summer interpretation of the original Dior scent—which we will admit to never really liking quite as much as those J’Adore Dior T-shirts that came out around the same time—the new fragrance is centered around the magnolia flower and evolves into an airy citrus-rose blend with hints of gardenia. It’s a really nice complement to sunshine and a warm breeze—and is currently inspiring daydreams about certain summer wardrobe staples that we will soon, fingers crossed, be able to break out.

Photo: Courtesy of Christian Dior

“And The Winner Is…”: The Fifi Awards Take The U.K.


Known as the Oscars of the fragrance industry, the Fifi Awards were doled out to U.K. perfumers last night, preceding the American version of the Fragrance Foundation’s annual celebration, which is scheduled for May 27. If the winners in London are any indication for what’s to come in New York, Estée Lauder stands to do very well, as the company received top honors, taking home the prize for best new prestige female fragrance for its Sensuous scent, as well as getting wins in two additional categories. Other highlights included an appearance by Jean-Paul Guerlain, who was honored for his “creativity and services to the fragrance industry,” and the awarding of Best New Celebrity Fragrance to Katie Price’s Besotted. It just goes to show you that raunchy, former models-turned-reality television stars’ ability to push perfumes is now a global phenomenon.

Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Stella McCartney Introduces Summer, Bottled


For Stella McCartney fans already accustomed to spritzing the designer’s scents onto their wrists and neck, and into the air for the full-body twirl-and-douse move, the latest addition to the designer’s olfactory collection won’t disappoint. The new limited-edition Sheer Stella Summer fragrance includes the unmistakable rose essence from the original, with dashes of peony, effervescent green apple, frosted lemon, and an amber undertone to complete an intended “first warm day of summer” vibe. The new bottle design achieves a similar effect, especially when you hold it up to the light (see image at left). We’re pretty loyal to our signature scent: It’s a men’s cologne, and we’d share it with you, but then we’d have to kill you to preserve the secret that makes it signature. However, if catching wafts of Sheer Stella will, as promised, simulate incipient summer—the elusive season that still remains out of reach for New Yorkers—we might consider making the switch.