September 2 2014

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Justin Makes His Givenchy Debut, Talks Celebrity Fragrance


You’ve likely heard the hype surrounding Justin Timberlake’s lucrative contract with Parfums Givenchy, which surfaced last year when his ad campaign for its new scent, Play, debuted in Europe. But if you aren’t a frequent consumer of foreign glossies, it’s unlikely you’ve seen just how much sexy Timberlake is bringing back for the French company (see image above). The stateside launch of the fragrance, which is centered around Caribbean amyris wood, a soft woody note similar to sandalwood and cedar, was apparently held for a year so any “kinks” could be worked out before it debuted in the U.S. But with those imperfections presumably ironed out, its release is now slated for September. As for future contributions to the beauty industry, the pop star-cum-fashion designer-cum-actor and music producer told WWD that while he could see possibly doing a signature scent for his William Rast line, there will likely not be a “Justin” fragrance anytime soon. “There’s some level of narcissism you have to put in check,” he mentioned, referencing celebrity olfactory collaborations. “It feels like cheating, almost. It doesn’t seem like you’re creating anything.” (He said it, not us.)

Photo: Courtesy of Parfums Givenchy

Guerlain Debuts The Work Of Idylle Hands


After hosting a few private dinners through the month of June in honor of its new fall scent Idylle, the House of Guerlain used the backdrop of couture week to invite selected members of the press to behold the fruits of its labor at its Champs-Élysées boutique last night—lest Armani’s grand-scale publicity efforts for its new Idole get all the glory. The rose-centric fragrance marks the first women’s offering from newly anointed nose Thierry Wasser, who is also the first house perfumer in the company’s illustrious history who does not bear its eponymous last name. “One of Guerlain’s signatures is to respect what is the most simple,” explains Wasser, who came on board last year when Jean-Paul Guerlain essentially adopted him after his own son chose law over beauty. “So I created an impressionistic expression,” Wasser continues, “a bouquet made of joy, love, and happiness.” Starting with a rose plucked from the private garden of Jean-Paul Guerlain himself, Wasser added seasonal flowers as he went along—peonies, lilac, freesia, jasmine, and lily of the valley—which he shaded with chypre, a nod to Mitsouko and Nahéma, his two favorite Guerlain creations. The result is a sensual yet light fragrance that is being marketed as “an ode to a moment in time, whether past, present, or future.” Rising French actress and singer Nora Arnezeder is the face of the ad campaign while bottle designer Ora-Ito marks a new chapter in the brand’s history with what he calls “simplexity”: a shape that is both simple and complex, recalling a golden droplet inspired by the myth of Zeus and Danae. The fragrance will be launched exclusively at Saks on September 21.

Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Perfume


When World War II sent some of Europe’s best and brightest fleeing fascism across the Atlantic Ocean, one Ernest Daltroff, perfumer and founder of the House of Caron, was among those who boarded a boat and shipped off for America. The year was 1939 and, as the story goes, when Daltroff approached New York’s Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty came into view, and rather than drop to his knees and weep at her majestic beauty, he promised to create a perfume to commemorate the moment. Patrick Alès, the founder of Phyto haircare and the new owner of Caron, made good on Daltroff’s promise a few years back with Lady Caron, a fruity floral created in homage to independence that offers the perfect theme-based scent for the upcoming holiday weekend. If you’re looking for a kitschy/classy gift for the kind soul who’s letting you crash at her beach house this weekend, this might be it. Sweet notes of neroli, magnolia, peach, and jasmine mingle well with the waft of star-spangled banners waving in the air. To find a retailer near you, call (877) 88-CARON.

Photo: Courtesy of Caron

When It Comes To Fragrance, Celebrity (Still) Sells


To combat the tough economic times, Coty Inc. intends to “stick with what works,” according to Cosmetic News, which in this case means continuing to throw its weight behind celebrity fragrances. The company plans to roll out five star-backed scents this fall. On offer will be new installments of the Beckhams’ successful Signature men’s and women’s franchise, a second fragrance from Tim McGraw, and an olfactory debut from his wife, Faith Hill. The fifth new Coty launch, Kate Moss’ third fragrance, a fruity floriental called Vintage, will also roll out in September, although its global launch does not include the U.S., where Moss presumably doesn’t sell well at the mass level (she’s not exactly Wal-Mart material—which is a good thing). As for future collaborative efforts, Kylie Minogue has been encouraged to try her hand at men’s fragrances, which should be…interesting, to say the least. We’re legitimate fans of the original Britney perfume from Elizabeth Arden (it smells surprisingly good on the skin), so we definitely see the appeal of celebrity fragrances but wonder if perhaps it’s time to leave well enough alone? Thoughts on the trend and any personal favorites you’d like to call out?

Photo: Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Angelina, Back In Front Of The Camera?


When word got out a few weeks back that Giorgio Armani was planning to use Couture week as a launch pad for the visuals of his new women’s scent, Idole d’Armani, it seemed a fitting preface to the fragrance coup he’s hoping to create when the perfume hits the shelves this autumn. Should it all fall short of his expectations, however, rumor has it that there is a plan B: Angelina Jolie. The mother of six has allegedly inked a deal to front her own Armani fragrance campaign later this year and will have supervision over the print and TV ads to boot (perhaps she’ll enlist her budding photographer husband to do the honors?). Whether her likeness will be used as part of the Idole d’Armani push fronted by model/actress Kasia Smutniak, for a different olfactory endeavor altogether, or just as fodder for speculation-fueled publicity remains to be seen. Ah, the intrigue.

Update: Option C, as it turns out. According to Armani PR, “Angelina is not the face of Idole, nor are we working with her on any upcoming projects.” Alas. We’ll always have those St. John ads.

Photo: George Pimentel / FilmMagic