April 20 2014

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Taking Shots With Juice Generation


Juice Generation Daily Nutrition for Skin shotFull disclosure: I’ve never stuck to a juice cleanse. I find the need to chew—not chug—my nutrients essential. However, when I heard about Juice Generation‘s newly launched Daily Nutrition for Skin shot, I was intrigued. Developed with Dr. David Colbert (the go-to derm for perfect-skin celebs like Naomi Watts, Charlize Theron, and Michelle Williams), this one-ounce bottle taken once a day packs a serious punch for your complexion. A blend of green tea, gotu kola, guarana seed, bitter orange, peppermint, raw agave nectar, and angelica sinensis (commonly known as female ginseng), Colbert’s concoction rapidly delivers collagen building blocks and boosts the skin’s innate metabolism. As long as I can still have my solids, I’ll go bottoms up in hopes of a more flawless face.

Photo: Courtesy of Juice Generation

Help, My Man Has Love Handles


Dr Is InThis column features weekly tips and advice from a revolving cast of industry leaders on hand to discuss your beauty dilemmas, from blemishes to Botox.

My husband has lost about fifteen pounds over the last year, but his love handles don’t seem to be going anywhere. He often talks about smart lipo, but I’ve read that the fat comes back—that it migrates from other parts of the body. Is that as true for men as it is for women? Do men and women achieve the same kind of results from the treatment?

First of all, my husband is skinny and narrow up and down like a ferret and has those same love handles. Almost every man, unless he is a professional athlete or has incredible genetics and spends all of his free time working out, starts to develop fat deposits, or “lipodystrophy,” on his lower abdomen and flanks (or “love handles”) once he hits his early thirties. Those of us who are otherwise fit and just have one or two specific, offending areas are actually the best candidates for liposuction.

However, the term smart lipo needs to be defined. Smart Lipo is a laser that was falsely advertised through media and marketing, and became equivalent in the consumers’ eyes with “liposuction under local anesthetic.” When patients come in asking for smart lipo, what they usually mean is that they want the fat removed with a simple, minimally invasive office procedure without any general anesthesia. There is no such thing. The truth is that the Smart Lipo laser alone does very little for the removal of fat. I know this because I have one in my office and always have to combine it with conventional liposuction to get any kind of result. This can be done under either local (the “tumescent” technique), IV sedation, or general anesthesia. The bottom line is that liposuction requires the removal of fat with a suction cannula. The Smart Lipo laser can be added for possible skin tightening, but even this has not been proven.

After the removal of fat cells by liposuction, the fat cannot “migrate” to other parts of the body. Once the fat is gone, it’s gone, and it can stay gone—as long as you take care of yourself. Usually what I tell my patients is that to keep their fantastic results, they need to kick it up a notch with diet and exercise. If you get lazy once the fat you couldn’t get rid of is gone, you can gain weight back. But fat cells don’t multiply—they just get bigger. What I’ve found is that the fat will start to come back a little in the areas from where it was removed, and then once those remaining fat cells are “full,” they will start filling up elsewhere.

In good candidates, liposuction is a safe, effective procedure that works equally well for both men and women.

Located in Beverly Hills, Dr. Suzanne Trott is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast and body contouring. Her areas of expertise include liposuction and the new “natural breast augmentation” procedure with autologous body fat. She answers your questions on her blog, Lipo Queen, an international resource for unbiased information regarding all of the newest developments in plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine. Her book, Lipo Queen will be available next year. Further information about Dr. Trott and her practice can be found at

McQ’s Children of the Cornrows


McQThe Fall campaigns are dropping left and right, and today we were blown away by the new David Sims-lensed images for McQ Alexander McQueen. Sarah Burton and co. tapped up-and-coming models April Tiplady (who has appeared in recent editorials in Paris Vogue and Love) and Tom Gaskin, as well as Crystal Castles frontwoman Alice Glass to channel the collection‘s punky theme. More so than the clothes themselves, it was the killer cornrows—not to mention the models’ fly-girl-worthy hoop earrings—that really caught our attention here. Could allover braids be having a post-Beyoncé moment? We also clocked them on Tricia, the tattooed street rat from our favorite new series, Orange Is the New Black.

Michelle Williams is Louis Vuitton’s Latest Siren; Lena Dunham Wigs Out; and One Direction’s New Cosmetics Line


louis-vuitton-michelle-williams-02_resizeThis morning, WWD released images from Louis Vuitton’s latest accessories campaign, shot by Peter Lindbergh and starring new spokeswoman Michelle Williams. In her first major fashion endorsement since a Band of Outsiders gig several seasons ago, the A-lister sports an artfully mussed pixie cut by Sam McKnight and a siren red pout courtesy of Stéphane Marais.

Lena Dunham has been papped all over New York and Brooklyn while shooting season three of Girls. But she’s her own best advertisement, taking to Instagram to post a few selfies in wigs, accompanied by expectedly witty captions such as: “It’s 1973 and this aspiring backup singer is looking for love in all the wrong places” or “It’s 1984 and this club promoter (Ronnie) had to move back in with his ma.” Needless to say, the posts got their fair share of likes.

Teen pop sensation One Direction has teamed up with MUA Cosmetics on a range of products for UK beauty and health retailer Superdrug. The heartthrobs’ Little Things Collection will include lipsticks, lip polishes, cheek tints, and nail lacquers—in a range of colors and flavors. Harry Styles is reportedly a fan of the strawberry lip polish, while Louis Tomlinson is into vanilla.

Rahua’s Dry-Spell Remedy


RahuaThe calendar might say mid-July, but the state of my hair looks a lot more like late August. Sun-faded color; itchy and irritated scalp, due to serious product build-up; and ends with a dry, almost straw-like consistency. Yup, before I turned my now waist-length locks over to Max at New York’s Mizu salon, an airy enclave in midtown, it had definitely seen better days. Thankfully, my hair was in very able hands, both with Max, as well as Rahua, the cult-favorite line that is the star of a new treatment aimed at rebooting even the most discontented coifs. Avowed hair-care naturalists are likely already well aware of the goodness that is Rahua. Based entirely around high-performing organic ingredients sourced from the Amazonian rain forest, the products all have a skin-care-like feel and efficacy. The treatment starts with a thorough double shampoo to strip away product residue and ready the hair for the deep conditioning to come. Next, Max whipped up a batch of the Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask, and carefully applied it to my hair, combing it in from root to tip, letting extra pool at the ends. As the treatment settled into my strands, Max indulged me with a lengthy and vigorous scalp massage. After rinsing it out, Max dabbed a bit of the Rahua Finishing Treatment into my hair before blow-drying it into soft waves (the heat actually helps seal in the product). Just under an hour later, my summer-broken hair had been fully repaired—a luster and shine I hadn’t seen in months was restored, my color appeared significantly more vibrant, and my ends looked, well, happy. Rahua recommends not washing your hair for at least twenty-four hours afterward—a particularly easy instruction to follow, considering my head smelled like a bouquet of exotic fruit. All in all, a remedy we can definitely get behind.

Mizu, 505 Park Avenue, New York, NY,