August 21 2014

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2 posts tagged "Acupuncture"

Beauty 411: Jenni Kayne


Jenni KayneA chic flat shoe can be hard to find. So that it happens to be the hero product of L.A.-based designer Jenni Kayne’s eponymous line should come as no surprise. We speak specifically of her D’Orsay flat. Perfectly cut for ultimate foot flattery, highly wearable, and available in a veritable Crayola box of colors, they have graced the feet of many a style-setter, both famous and not. Besides dreaming up a pair of flats par excellence, Kayne, who launched her brand while still a teenager, is known for dealing in clothes with a simple but sophisticated appeal—modern easy-wear, if you will. She has also recently turned her attention to the wide world of personal blogs with the launch of Rip + Tan, a very Goop-esque lifestyle site named after her kids, Ripley and Tanner, with everything from recipes to product finds. This year marks Jenni Kayne’s (the brand, that is) tenth birthday, a perfect time, we think, to check in with her and get the scoop on some of her own beauty favorites.

“My best friend, Nicole Simone, turned me on to Jessica’s just over eight years ago, and I go religiously every week. It’s totally old-school. They have amazing nail polishes, and the manicures are the best. It has become such a part of my routine that I don’t feel like I can breathe if I skip a week.”

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“I go once a week for acupuncture, to try to stay balanced and have a relaxing hour to myself. It keeps me healthy and sane. I drink their Chinese herbs daily—they keep me from getting sick and definitely shorten colds when I get them.”

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“Terri is the best. I always leave glowing, balanced, and relaxed. I try to go once every two months. She also makes amazing products—I use her Stem Cell Moisturizer daily.”

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Cured, By The Prick Of A Pin


Overtired, overweight, fertility-challenged masses, take solace: London’s Kite Clinic is accepting new patients. Fast becoming the destination for Britons seeking respite from a variety of disorders, the acupuncture studio/therapist’s couch has been credited with weaning people off a reliance on prescriptions, bringing sleep to longtime insomniacs, and even helping couples conceive. The master of the house is one Gerad Kite, a psychotherapist turned acupuncturist whose way with Classical Five-Element Acupuncture has earned him a cult following with celebrities, models, and the UK’s business elite. This is not a mere fad. Kite’s introduction sessions are legendary—a simple query into the details of patients’ lives often evolves into a cathartic, tear-stained conversation. Then he starts in with the needles. “The idea is to make you well. When you are well, everything functions better—stress levels goes down, health improves, and conception and sleep come easier, more naturally,” he says, adding that side effects like weight loss are not necessarily intentional, but also not surprising. “When you don’t sleep, your body can’t function the way it should, and weight won’t come off until your body is working properly.” In March, Kite will bring his operation stateside with the opening of his first New York location. To make an appointment in advance, visit the contact page on

Photo: Thomas Del Brase / Getty Images