August 30 2014

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Estée Lauder Expands Its Digital Space With a New Editorial Channel



Beauty behemoth Estée Lauder took over Navy, a cozy restaurant in Soho, last night to celebrate the launch of The Estée Edit, a new editorial channel on its website. Navy was the perfect location for the event, and not just because of the warm atmosphere and chic address—the name served as a nod to the brand’s iconic packaging color. And if that weren’t enough, the bar area was filled with the scent of tuberose, a note found in classic scents like Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia.

The Estée Edit features interviews with influencers in beauty, food, and fashion, as well as how-tos and original photo shoots. Guests at the soiree included many of the contributors to the channel, like street-style photographer Garrance Doré, who shot fellow French native and Estée Lauder spokesmodel Constance Jablonski for the site, and the company’s style and image director Aerin Lauder, who gives viewers a glimpse of her favorite flower shopping destination in Manhattan (that would be Zezé). Of course, The Edit also includes stories of the brand’s rich history, and the result is a well-executed blend of the past and the present.

During the intimate, dimly lit dinner, Karen Graham, the first face of Estée Lauder, shared stories with the captive audience around her, including Jablonski and current spokesmodel Liu Wen. Graham, who worked with the brand from 1969 to 2001, chatted about everything from her decision to quit modeling at age 40 for fly-fishing to growing out her silver, shoulder-length bob. “It took me a while to decide if I wanted to stop dyeing it. I had to work up the nerve, and then I just did it,” she said. On the other end of the table, Doré discussed the pop of color she was wearing on her lips. “I wear very simple clothes, like white T-shirts, so for me red lipstick is like an accessory,” she noted.

Just before dessert was served (chocolate-covered marshmallows, Estée’s favorite), bowls filled with Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick and mini powder and fragrance compacts were placed on the table for the guests to swipe. “This is so Estée,” said Graham. “She was a firm believer in every woman having a compact.”

Photo: Courtesy of Estée Lauder

Beauty 411: Alexandra Soveral



London-based Alexandra Soveral may be able to boast quite the career backslash—aromatherapist/cosmetic designer/facialist—but among those in-the-know, she could simply go by “the skin whisperer.” That’s because Soveral, who first launched her eponymous natural skincare and bespoke fragrance brand with Jorj Aleem in 1995 and watched it grow, primarily through word of mouth, is best known for her signature facial treatments. The aromatherapy-based facials, which rely heavily on pressure-point massage, are continually in demand, prized for their detoxing and seemingly skin-lifting effects; Soveral even hosted a weeklong pop-up in New York in January. And soon, Net-a-Porter (bless them) will be stocking her cult skincare product line so even those of us in a state of complexion disrepair across the pond can access its restorative effects without having to book a trip to London. Here, the beloved naturalist shares some of her local go-tos.

“To detox, regenerate, and feel nurtured, the best place on earth is this amazing country house in North Devon. There you will find yoga, country walks, and delicious nutritional meals. It’s a very special place where quality, good taste, and sustainability reign.”


THE SALON STOP: Daniel Hersheson at Harvey Nichols
“It’s easy to access, the service consistent and efficient, yet it’s a relaxed environment where you feel you are being taken good care of. Any of the Hersheson Salons or Blow Dry Bars have a lot to offer, but I personally go to Hersheson at Harvey Nichols. You can check in for a whole day and have everything done from head to toe whilst working on their customer iPads. They will even order you a champagne lunch if that’s what you fancy! Libby does my cut; she’s amazing in that she can do something you can easily maintain at home and looks super-stylish. Sibby does my color when I have time. She’s also amazing at making you look like you never had color done—just natural, shiny hair.”


“I love the feel of silk on the skin, and I love color, especially during the dark winter months. My work wardrobe consists mainly of Tucker silk dresses for when I’m seeing clients and Tucker blouses that I wear with boyfriend jeans on laboratory days. When I want to sharpen things up for an important meeting, I go for Peridot London—their modern tailoring makes me feel powerful yet fashionable. To keep up with the trends and upcoming designers, the best places are Viola in the West End and Celestine Eleven in East London. Both shops are owned by top stylists who buy what they like most from the latest collections.”

See,,, and

“I start the morning by dry brushing the skin on my face and neck, all in upwards and outwards movements. This wakes up the lymphatic system so that you can detoxify and reduce puffiness. Next, I cleanse with Soveral Awaken, followed by a face massage with oil to stimulate the muscles and activate the circulation, and then moisturize with Soveral Formula 1. In the evening I always do a deep pore cleanse with Soveral Angel Balm that I remove with a damp, hot, fluffy flannel—nothing makes you feel more clean. I finish with another oil massage, this time using Soveral Midnight Oil.”


“My favorite concealer is from Laura Mercier; it’s really efficient and blends perfectly into the skin. I love Tom Ford for color, and the textures of the Aerin range are just divine. The Aerin Multi Color for Lips and Cheeks is 100 percent spot-on in consistency—it has become my handbag essential. When not wearing makeup, you can use it to give yourself quick and subtle lift.”

See,, and

“I design bespoke fragrance for my clients and also formulate for other brands, so I always wear whatever I’m working on…sometimes two at a time, one on each arm! However, I very much admire the work of Frédéric Malle—the Editions de Parfums collection is an amazing range of individual works of art. I would urge anyone who wants to explore perfume to spend some time finding out which one suits them. What may smell beautiful on one person may smell overpowering and even nauseating on another—that’s what true perfume is all about.”


“I actually just started running for the first time a year ago…at the age of 42! It’s so liberating—all I need to do is get out the door and start [jogging]. Having a good playlist on my iPod is important because the music carries me. I’m also a member of the Harbour Club; there’s one in Notting Hill and another one in Chelsea Harbour. They have great classes, a gym, and swimming pools so you can keep things varied. I like old-fashioned Pilates without any machines to aid me, as I believe you are more in touch with your core muscles that way. I’ve also just discovered Pilates Barre, which is the same concept but standing up holding onto the barre. I feel like a ballerina, and it’s really efficient.”


Aerin’s Modern Classics



Like everything that Aerin Lauder does, her new fragrance wardrobe, comprising five bottles fitted with stone-like caps, blends her memories and storied traditions with modern design and timeless scents. Each eau is meant to transport the wearer on a journey, whether it be to the Hamptons via marine notes mixed with gardenia, the first flower Aerin fell head over heels for (Gardenia Rattan); a gala in the city, care of blackberry and cognac (Evening Rose); her country retreat, where a lilac bush blossoms every spring (Lilac Path); or a cozy night in front of the fireplace wrapped with creamy musk and a hint of benzoin (Amber Musk). My favorite, Ikat Jasmine, captures a more casual sensibility: The light honeysuckle, tuberose, jasmine sambac, and sandalwood wears like your go-to pair of jeans—crisp yet comforting. And, while most boxes bite the dust, you might be tempted to save these cartons that are infused with just as many personal touches as the flacons found inside them. The outer packaging of Ikat Jasmine is inspired by the blue and white floral wallpaper of her childhood bedroom (a color scheme beloved by her grandmother, Estée), and the large floral motif splashed across Amber Musk is a take on a French document found in famed textile company Lee Jofa’s archive. You might say each fragrance is like a time capsule, with the quintet serving as an olfactory album for the brand’s founder. At the same time, however, these scents steeped in heritage are decidedly unstuffy and indisputably fresh.

$110 each,

Photo: Courtesy of Aerin

Take a Page From Aerin’s Book


Aerin Lauder

Aerin Lauder, granddaughter of the legendary Estée and founder of her own eponymous lifestyle brand (Aerin), has added author to her long list of titles. Her newly launched book, Beauty at Home, allows you to explore her Manhattan apartment, Madison Avenue office with a view, and Hamptons retreat. Aside from sneaking a peak at her closet and reading about her tea parties at the Plaza Hotel (she’s somewhat like a real, live Eloise), you get a better sense of her aesthetic and how she brings that to her line of cosmetics, candles, fragrances, furnishings, and accessories. Whether it’s the mix of modern with the contemporary, a love of bold prints and textures, or her willingness to experiment with color—you see all of these themes reflected in her workspace and homes. And since a lady never reveals all of her secrets, I had a few more questions about what was hiding in her drawers and how she keeps her bevy of beauty products stylishly contained:

Is your dressing table organized like your grandmother’s? [One drawer for lipsticks, another for eyeliners, etc.]

No, I wish I was that organized! I like to edit my products. I keep one of my shagreen trays full of beauty products and objects.

Are there specific products that you keep in all places—your apartment, office, and country home?

Yes, I bring my Rose Lip Conditioner with me wherever I go, and I usually take a seasonal palette in my bag as well.

Do you keep any beauty products in your nightstand?

Aerin Rose Hand & Body Cream and Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv cream.

Is there a certain piece of decor that your grandmother referenced for a particular cosmetic or collection?

Estée’s favorite color combination was blue and white—she used it everywhere, from her home to her product packaging. This constantly influences me. The Ikat Jasmine Aerin fragrance box (shown above) is the perfect example.

You love keepsakes, but don’t feel the same way about clutter. How do you keep your bathroom/vanity neat when you’re consistently testing products?

I love using pretty decorative accessories, such as nesting bowls, to store products.

Does your theory on paint extend to cosmetics? ["If you don’t like a paint color, you can always change it. The important thing is to give it a try. If you don't, you'll never know."] Is there a shade you’d never wear?

I don’t see myself in a dark brown lipstick. Some people can pull it off really well, but it’s just not my color.

What was the best tip you learned from your grandmother regarding home decor?

Estée taught me to see gold as the perfect neutral; as a result, I use a lot of gold throughout my collections—it makes everything feel more luxurious.

What about her theories on beauty?

Estée always said, “Everything and everyone can be beautiful if you just take the time.”

Naturally, grandmother knows best.

Photo: Reprinted from BEAUTY AT HOME Copyright (c) 2013 by AERIN LAUDER. Published by Potter Style, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group, a division of Random House, LLC, a Penguin Random House Company

Nest’s Triple Play



Diana Vreeland wrote in a memo to a member of her Vogue staff: “By far and away the most important fragrance is the fragrance of a house as it is the ambiance of the owner.” I certainly concur with the legendary EIC and it seems that Laura Slatkin, the founder, CEO, and visionary behind Nest Fragrances, also agrees. She partnered with not just one but three notables from three very different worlds—fashion, beauty, and music—to create scented candles that embody each individual’s take on the festive season that is fast approaching.

For Ken Downing, SVP and fashion director at Neiman Marcus, this obviously entails opulence—the name of his new Nest candle launching exclusively at the department store in late October. Instead of your classic balsam fir fragrance done in shades of green and red, Downing incorporated exotic notes of black orchid, sandalwood, Malaysian patchouli leaf, and Mirabelle plum. The glass vessel is decorated in a magenta and gold pattern inspired by William Morris (a nineteenth-century artist and designer known for his prints).

To play off Aerin Lauder’s personal collection of Venetian glass, Slatkin created a hand-blown, brushed-gold vessel to hold the Fireside & Fir fragranced wax. Comprising Mediterranean cypress, fir balsam, black amber, and white birch, this eau smells smoky but soft. Even better, the sophisticated scent and packaging allow you to burn the fragrance far after the tree has been put on the curb or the menorah packed away.

And for Sir Elton John, one would expect his abode to be scented with nothing other than Fireside, a smoky vanilla and juniper berry blend that is reminiscent of an old English estate laden with leather-bound books, blazing hearths, and, of course, a grand piano. Even better, 20 percent of the proceeds from the sale of his candle are donated to his AIDS foundation.

There really is no place like home for the holidays—especially when it smells as divine as one of these distinctive creations.

Opulence by Ken Downing, $40,; Aerin Fireside & Fir, $68, available in November at; Sir Elton John’s Fireside, $38,

Photo: Courtesy of Nest