August 29 2014

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Breaking: APC And Aesop, Together Again


First L’Occitane and J. Crew, now this. has just gotten word that in a few short weeks, A.P.C.’s New York outpost will stock Aesop’s line of body care essentials. Beginning the first week of December, the French clothier’s Mercer Street store will carry gift kits, travel kits, lotions, and salves from the naturally-crafted Australian beauty range, with more items from its skincare line to be added next year if all goes well. The limited edition Fine Fabric Care, the two brands’ first collaborative effort, is also reportedly being reprised. “[That] product was such a success, they decided to take the partnership to the next level,” Aesop’s general manager and president for the Americas, Giovanni Lepori, said of Aesop founder Dennis Paphitis and A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou’s decision to join forces again. But the connection between the brands goes deeper than a love of clean laundry. “Not only do we share the same customer base, but we share the same company philosophy in terms of approach to design, literature, architecture, art and more,” Lepori says. Considering we are huge fans of both brands (yesterday’s A.P.C. sample sale was a pretty life-changing experience for us), we couldn’t be more pleased by the news of this union; now we can pick up a plaid shirt-dress and a bottle of Geranium Leaf Body Balm in one fell swoop.

Photo: Courtesy of Aesop

First Look: APC Pairs Up With Aesop


Lovers of APC’s raw denim face an interesting predicament. If you’re not supposed to put the jeans in the washing machine, how, exactly, do you keep them clean? Until now, the Mercer Street boutique sales team has always recommended dry-cleaning. That, and placing soiled pants in a Ziploc bag in the freezer overnight to kill any unpleasant odors. But come September, there will be another way beat the dirt and grime: APC’s first-ever Fine Fabric Care cleanser. Created in conjunction with chemists from Aesop, the Australian hair and body care line known for its plant-based formulas, the petitgrain, lemon, and cedarwood-scented soap was designed specifically for hand-washing garments, like, say, those jeans you’ve been wearing through the summer humidity. Other delicate items will also benefit from the cleanser’s gentle touch, but if you’re more psyched about its ability to freshen up your everyday denim, simply heed these washing instructions from APC founder Jean Touitou:

1) Put two soup spoons of cleanser in a bath tub half filled with hot water, but the water must not be so hot that it burns your hands.

2) Let your jeans soak for a while.

3) Swish around, give a twist.

4) Rinse and hang to dry (a dryer is to be avoided at all costs!).

Photo: Courtesy of A.P.C