August 20 2014

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17 posts tagged "Agyness Deyn"

The New Aggy


With all the recent talk of Fall’s severe brunette dye job, fashion’s former obsession with blond strands—of the platinum and honey variety—seems to have taken a backseat. But the industry’s reigning queen of the peroxide bottle has made us take notice of the fairer hue once again. Since Sam McKnight famously cut Agyness Deyn’s hair into a spiky pixie and colored it a shade of white cornsilk, thus coining the original “Aggy,” the British beauty has dabbled in all manner of hair alter egos: There was the black bob and the pseudo mohawk-plus-fade, before Deyn got real crafty and shaved her head clean. The last year has seen the former catwalker go back to platinum while growing her locks into a uniform, chin-grazing length. But this month, she’s warmed things up with a true golden tone, which was on display at last night’s Jameson Empire Awards in London. We’ve always been of the mind that Deyn wears platinum with the best of them, but her latest spin on the color wheel seems to suit her just fine. Do you agree?

Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Jameson; Tommaso Boddi/WireImage

Monica For Dolce; The LFW Tan Ban Takes Effect; And More…


Monica Bellucci will join Scarlett Johansson and Felicity Jones as the latest face of Dolce & Gabbana The Makeup. “She’s a fantastic woman, very sunny, very feminine—she’s our icon,” the design duo says of the actress, who will get her own line of lipsticks in May. [WWD]

Despite christening “the Aggie”—the platinum blond, spiky crop that hairstylist Sam McKnight gave her on set, thus forever changing the trajectory of her modeling career—Agyness Deyn’s favorite hairstyle over the years has been the buzz cut. “Having a skinhead, it was the easiest,” she says in a new LFW video. “You just wash and go, no hair-dryers or brushes needed.” [Grazia]

If you see bronzed limbs on the runway in London, they won’t be from a tanning bed. Directors from 11 U.K. modeling agencies including Elite, Premier Model Management, Storm, and Next have signed up for a zero tolerance policy on sun bed use to protect new and established models from the mal-effects of ultraviolet rays. St. Tropez must be thrilled. [Daily Mail]

Lady Gaga will be shooting the commercial for her long-awaited fragrance this weekend, the footage from which will be edited into a ”special song,” according to the pop star. As for the fragrance itself, it’s being billed as “something never smelt before, that you’ll never forget.” [Bloomberg]

Photo: Jacopo Raule / Getty Images

The Power of Proactiv, An End To Aging?, And More…


Proactiv is poised to rake in over $800 million in revenue this year, putting it on pace with some of the beauty biz’ biggest players. Its secret to sales success? Celebrity endorsements, of course. (The products are pretty good, too.) [Forbes]

Still reeling from the news that your Brazilian blowout treatment may not be safe? Here’s a cheat sheet with all the whats, hows, and whys of the scandal. [L.A. Times]

Wearing glittery holiday makeup is a personal choice every girl must make on her own. But if you’re looking for tips, Agyness Deyn can show you how to do it “without looking like you swept the dressing room floor of a drag show with your face.” Sorta wish we wrote that. [Naag]

The truth comes out: Tom Cruise frequently raids Katie Holmes’ makeup bag. The Knight and Day star reportedly uses facefuls of Holmes’ pricey anti-ging skincare products and dips into her foundation and mascara for premieres and such. Why are we not surprised? [National Enquirer]

In an experiment conducted by Harvard scientists, prematurely aged mice were returned to their youthful state when a specific chromosomal enzyme was manipulated. Wrinkle free in 2023! [Boston Globe]

Photo: Courtesy of Proactiv

Dancing Queens And the New “Aggy” Backstage At Giles


While Giles Deacon may have insisted that his Spring collection was a distinct departure from the seventies movement currently afoot in London (think: Topshop Unique, Felder Felder, House of Holland, PPQ, etc.), the makeup look face painter Miranda Joyce broke out for the occasion was as era-specific as it gets. “Seventies decadence” is how Joyce described the glitter-rimmed eyes she crafted backstage yesterday, layering two-toned flecks onto models’ lids from the lash line to the brow bone, and across bleached brows toward the temple. Add a lacquered orange-y scarlet pout to the mix, courtesy of MAC Lipstick in Lady Danger topped off with a clear gloss, and the Giles’ girl was straight out of the disco. We’ll give Deacon “nineties rave”—and maybe even a Gaga mention circa ’09, when the superstar owned glittering eye patches (it’s all about the meat purse now). But all we could think about when we spied this beauty look was the sweaty, costume-wearing, quaalude-popping, Studio 54-style dance party that, along with the makeup stylings of Way Bandy, defined the latter half of the seventies—a high point in the illustrious history of cosmetics, as far as we’re concerned. There was one thing decidedly un-seventies about the whole thing, though—that being Agyness Deyn, who used her role as the show’s opener to debut yet another new haircut. Behold: the new “Aggy,” a spiky, military-style fade that was actually razored backstage pre-presentation. First impressions of Deyn’s latest coif?

Photo: Yannis Vlamos /

The Fame Monster Gets A Fragrance, And More…


Lady Gaga, the perfume? The rumor mill is churning. [The Cut]

According to Eva Mendes in the new issue of Allure, a really dark cat-eye with heavy, smudged liner and mascara is “insta-sexy”—as is a totally greased-up bod, as anyone familiar with her Calvin Klein underwear ads can attest. [StyleList]

New research shows that a “typical” woman will change her hair style twice a year between the ages of 13 and 65, thus making one Agyness Deyn—who has switched up her cut and color three times in the last four months alone—exceptional, we’d surmise. [Daily Mail]

Silicone, bovine collagen, and blood top the ingredients in the latest round of facial fillers to hit the market, but—surprise, surprise—stem cells are the wave of the future. [L.A. Times]

Photo: Villard / SIPA Press