August 27 2014

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Desperately Seeking Tinted Moisturizer


When Prescriptives decided to shutter its doors two years ago, I had two reactions in quick succession: sadness at the loss of the brand I’d been using almost exclusively since teen-dom, then panic about whether I would be able to stockpile enough of its bestsellers to last me for the rest of eternity. Most could be replaced with similar products from other brands, I discovered—except, that is, for my beloved Traceless Skin Responsive Tint. The tinted moisturizer with a slightly illuminating natural coverage that didn’t feel at all makeup-y was, in a word, perfection. I did manage to amass enough to last me until recently, but as I was desperately squeezing the final drop out of the final tube, I decided it was finally time to search for a replacement. Here is the latest group of contenders that are currently in the running.

Chantecaille Just Skin Anti-Smog Tinted Moisturizer

Chantecaille’s formula is packed with botanicals like honeysuckle, edelweiss, and green tea, plus moisturizing sodium hyaluronate. The rich formula feels a bit more like a foundation than a tinted moisturizer, making it a viable option on the occasion when more coverage is needed. It is my hands-down winner in the packaging department, but be warned: Its good looks don’t come cheap.


Physicians Formula Organic Wear Tinted Moisturizer

As it’s entirely natural (100 percent of ingredients are from natural origin, and more than 80 percent from organic origin), Physician Formula’s offering is a great idea for those with more reactive skin—i.e. me, at least once a month. Remember to shake the tube first, otherwise the filmy formula tends to separate in an undesirable way. The coverage is lightweight enough for everyday use and absorbs easily. Bonus: It’s a total bargain.


Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint

I count myself a big fan of Liz Earle’s skincare, so when I heard that the British naturalist was branching out into makeup I was understandably excited. Her first product to be available stateside is a tinted moisturizer packed with enough vitamin E, borage, and avocado for a super-creamy consistency. Though it was a little too rich for my summertime needs, once the temperature drops, my prediction is that it will feel just right.

$34, available beginning September 8 at

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AHAVA Does Mineral Makeup


AHAVA has been making mineral magic since the late eighties, when it first tapped into the transformative, healing powers of the Dead Sea for its famed skincare range. Countless best-selling mud- and salt-rich creams, masks, body moisturizers, and SPF lotions have followed since its debut, making the soothing, reparative brand a favorite of the sensitive-skinned masses. This month marks a major milestone for the brand, as it launches its Mineral Makeup Care line. The four-piece, paraben-free collection features silky smooth foundations and powders spiked with ecologically sourced Dead Sea minerals, including Dunaliella algae, a seaweed that’s loaded with vitamins and amino acids to improve cellular repair, along with AHAVA’s signature blend of 21 essential minerals that works to draw up moisture and nutrients from the depths of your skin, minimizing dryness and crepe-y wrinkles. Each skin perfector also boasts a bit of natural UVA/UVB protection, though not enough to warrant skipping your regular sunblock. As for how the products actually feel, the Light Foundation sinks in like a tinted moisturizer and dries down to a nice, matte finish, and the Loose Powder has a weightless texture that won’t cause flakiness. Application tip: We like to layer the powder on top of the Rich Foundation to create a more “done” look, or wear it alone to show off bare (but not blotchy) skin.

Photo: Courtesy of Ahava

Getting Your Nails Did In Dubai, Dsquared² Teams Up With MAC, And More…


Nail Art is on the rise in Dubai. Should you be planning a trip to New York (the island in the man-made archipelago of the world off Dubai’s coast, not the Big Apple), here’s a list of the best mani/pedi places in the area. [TimeOut Dubai]

After dabbling in fragrances last year, Dsquared²’s Dan and Dean Caten have makeup on the mind. Their collaboration with MAC debuts next month. [Cosmetics News]

A recent survey conducted in the U.K. reveals that 74 percent of women will at some point in their lifetime have an allergic reaction to the synthetic ingredients in at least one fragrance. Perhaps now’s the time to that switch to the organic eaux you’ve been thinking about. [Daily Mail]

In other statistical data news, half of all Korean women reportedly go under the knife, suggesting that La-La Land might not be the capital of nipping and tucking after all. [Chosun]

After being asked to leave her post as Oxfam International spokesperson due to her involvement with Israeli beauty brand Ahava, word is spreading across the blogosphere that Kristin Davis has officially been dropped as Ahava spokesperson as well. Luckily, she’s got that day job to fall back on. [Gawker]

Photo: Yoshikazu Tsuno / AFP / Getty Images

From Israel With Love


Having grown up in the tight-knit Jewish community that is America’s North East, we’re big fans of Ahava. Whenever family friends made the pilgrimage to the holy land, they’d return bearing armfuls of creams and cleansers from the preeminent Dead Sea brand, which uses mineral-rich mud from the lifeless body of water to fortify its entire skincare line. As the company has steadily gained ground in the U.S. (Kristin Davis is now its spokesperson, and you can find the collection at a myriad of boutiques as well as at your local Duane Reade), we’ve watched with a tinge of pride, knowing from whence it came. For its latest launch, Ahava has added skin-type specific botanicals and a blend of macadamia nut and sunflower oil to its softening, soothing mineral complex, yielding a line of natural shower creams that keep skin clean without stripping it of moisture. There are two scents for each skin type, as well as a gentle, micro-peeling formula for daily exfoliation. If you’re looking for a good post-shower follow-up, we’d highly recommend applying the Dermud Intensive Nourishing Body Cream and daydreaming about a leisurely float in Cleopatra’s favorite spa destination.

Photo: Courtesy of Ahava

CVS Brings Beauty Full Circle


Yesterday was a big day—for a few reasons. First, it was the last day before what has become the most anticipated Election Day in recent memory, resulting in a barrage of last-minute campaigning by both candidates (read: online stalking from Michelle, Barack, and the rest of team Obama who have been really utilizing their extensive list-serve in the final hours of the race). It was also the opening of the first Beauty 360, CVS/Pharmacy’s ambitious new venture that intends on changing the way women shop for makeup. An established leader in mass cosmetics (who hasn’t perused the store’s drugstore beauty offerings when time and money don’t allow for a trip to Sephora or Ulta?), CVS is entering the upscale beauty game by bringing a wide range of prestige and niche beauty brands—from skincare and cosmetics companies like Dr. Brandt, Ahava, Laura Gellar, and Paula Dorf to men’s grooming and fragrance from Coty, Caron, and Clarins—to satellite stores adjacent to their large-scale neighborhood pharmacies. Accessed by a breezeway as well as a separate storefront entrance, the first Beauty 360 outpost opened in Washington, D.C. on Monday with a staff of trained and licensed aestheticians on hand to offer brand-specific signature services, including mini-manicures, express facials, hand massages, and makeup applications. Next up, Mission Viejo, California, with more openings planned for 2009. Being able to pick up your prescriptions and a jar of Freeze 24-7′s Eyecing truly is the way of the future.

Photo: Courtesy of CVS/Pharmacy