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Eye Candy, Backstage At Gareth Pugh


Seeing as how Alex Box has already proved that her face-painting skills will not be confined to two dimensions, the makeup artist’s avant-garde experiment backstage at Gareth Pugh seemed perfectly par for the course. “Religious iconography” is how Box described the inspiration for the gold and blue laser-cut eye patches that she made for the occasion using a “bespoke retro-reflective fabric that turns pure white when hit with a bright light”—like, say, a barrage of flashbulbs. With statement-making lids playing such a large part in the overall look, Box’s handiwork called for little else save for MAC Clear Brow Set to groom arches and its clear Lip Glass, which she applied to the tops of cheeks for a shiny highlight.

What it did mandate, however, were killer nails, courtesy of Minx. Working off of a waxy blue fabric supplied by Pugh’s stylist, Katie Shillingford, Minx co-founders Janice Jordan and Dawn Lynch-Goodwin collaborated with U.K.-based nail artist Marian Newman on a custom design for the show. Adhesive overlays featuring a blue canvas with gold foil framing around the base and on either side of the nail added that extra bit of inventive artiness that has become synonymous with Pugh’s presentations, finished off with similar gilding placed underneath fingertips. So far, the Paris shows have put the brakes on the manicure mania that has swept New York and London for the past two seasons. Here’s hoping this gets things rolling.

Photo: Becky Maynes / Courtesy of Minx

The 411: Alex Box


Makeup artist Alex Box is a bit of an anomaly. Equal parts face painter and fine artist (Box holds a degree from the Chelsea College of Art & Design), she’s often called upon to make models look otherworldly, creepy, and almost inhuman—anything but pretty. Whether she’s working with prosthetics, stencils, plain pigment and brushes, or 3-D laser-cut eyelashes, there’s little the frequently top-hat-clad Box can’t do—which is presumably what has attracted designers like Peter Jensen and Gareth Pugh to her special brand of beauty. As a frequent fixture in Vogue, Numéro, W, Another Magazine, Dazed & Confused, and i-D, Box brought her skill set to the masses almost three years ago with Illamasqua, a color collection designed for your “alter ego.” “If you hit the mark with everyone, you’re beige,” Box says of some of the range’s more off-the-wall offerings, which span from porcelain white foundation, green lipstick, and neon orange nail lacquers to more wearable complexion enhancers, her fan-favorite Precision Ink eye liners, and her versatile red lipstick in Box. “I wear it every day without fail,” she says of the blue-tinged bullet. Here, Box shares her beauty must-haves and her favorite London destinations for getting primped out and geared up during LFW and beyond.

The Pro: Alex Box, creative director of Illamasqua.

The Clutch-Sized Essential: Illamasqua Lipstick in Box

“I’ve always wanted to do a lipstick, since I was 12—and it was like trying to reinvent the wheel! I’ve gone through all of the classic reds, but there wasn’t anything blue enough for me, or it was too shiny or too matte. I unashamedly totally made this for myself.”

Illamasqua Lipstick in Box, $22,

The Quick Color Job: Také at Windle & Moodie

“I don’t cut my hair, but his passion for getting my color right is really lovely. I’ve had this blond streak for three years. Every time I see my mum, she says, “Still with the streaks?”

Windle é Moodie, 41 Shorts Gardens, London, WC2H 9AP, +44 20-7497-2393.

The Behind-the-Makeup Skincare Regimen: Daily Diligence

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you my whole routine—it’s so long it makes me sound like a mentalist. It actually takes me longer [to wash my face] than it does to put on my makeup. I use a ton of Dermalogica, and I’m religious about Natura Bissé. They do this product called Inhibit that’s almost like a natural Botox.”

Natura Bissé Inhibit-Tensolift, $850,

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Sheer Color And “Special Sauce” Backstage At Anne Valérie Hash


To match the effortless cool of Anne Valérie Hash’s love-inspired Spring collection in Paris yesterday, makeup artist Alex Box played up the “cosmetic” angle of the collection, complementing the sensibility and muted natural tones of the fabrics with similar shades of makeup. “It’s just stripped-back color, very sheer, cool, and effortless,” she said, which meant warm washes of mauve and rose through the cheeks and eyes so that each model “catches the light as she turns, and she kind of echoes the movement of the clothes.” It was a simple, pretty departure for the creative director of Illamasqua, the British-based makeup brand that prides itself on shock-and-awe makeup and equally outrageous ad visuals. A slight hint of Box’s flare for the extraordinary came via a flash of MAC Super Slick Liquid Eyeliner in Silver worn close to the lash line, sans mascara. “Usually, the less mascara, the more contemporary the look,” she said.

There was something dually extraordinary happening at the hair station as well. “We are introducing a new product in February, Bumble and Bumble Special Sauce,” master stylist James Pecis revealed. “It’s a mixture of our favorite staple products: Styling Creme, Surf Spray, and Grooming Creme,” he explained, prepping models’ tresses with the concoction to achieve a heavy texture to “toughen up” strands and offset the light, feminine clothes. Pecis then wove loosely deconstructed, messy braids along the sides for “a beachy look with a natural wave to it.”

Photo: Pierre Verdy / AFP / Getty Images

Beauty Bytes: The Best Of Beauty Counter, August 2010


We’re sorry to see August go. No more weekends down the Jersey Shore or weeklong jaunts to Chicago by way of Japan (don’t ask) until next year. In case you were OOO more than we were, here’s a look back at the month that was, complete with breaking backstage beauty news (T minus 12 days to NYFW), our favorite product picks, and a couple of high-profile Q&As, too.


Illamasqua Channels The Dark Arts For Its Fall Campaign


The fact that makeup artist Alex Box has an affinity for all things freakish and otherworldly is not news to anyone familiar with either her handiwork backstage at Gareth Pugh or her brand Illamasqua. So the 12 characters she’s dreamt up for the U.K.-based company’s fall ad campaign shouldn’t shock you too much. They should, however, jar you out of the “pretty girls in pretty makeup” complacency that will likely set in after you peruse any number of September books. Here, for your first-viewing pleasure, is the “Mistress of Ceremonies,” showcasing two of our favorite products from Illamasqua’s forthcoming Art of Darkness color collection. At right, we have Box’s Precision Ink fine-tip eyeliner in Alchemy, a bold gold that you can choose to accessorize with or without the yellow face rhinestones; and on the left, a glimpse of Viridian, her new, deep metallic green nail varnish—arm bedazzling is optional with your mani, of course. If you were looking for a breath of fresh celebrity-brand-ambassador-free air, you’ve come to the right place.

Photo: Courtesy of Illamasqua