April 20 2014

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Face Off: Red Lips On The Red Carpet


That red lips dominated the Fall runways is a well know fact at this point—only further evidenced by the hoards of women adopting a crimson pout on both the sidewalk and the red carpet of late. Today we had the pleasure of witnessing two great displays of scarlet mouths, which we’ve decided to pit against one another in a truly epic “who wore it better?” debate. Down Under, where she’s enjoying the festivities at Sydney Fashion Week, a typically barefaced (save for a slight flick of black eyeliner) Alexa Chung sported a bright, matte red adaptation, while in Italy, promoting her film W.E. a the Venice Film Festival, Madonna was spotted with a glossy, metallic iteration of the statement lip color. We ask you, dear readers: who wore it better?

Photo: Getty Images

Better Off Red; Girls With Feathers In Their Hair; And More…


First Drew Barrymore, now Mandy Moore. Red is emerging as Spring’s must-have hair color. [StyleList]

We broke the story about feathered hair extensions in January; now the Times has called them an official trend. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. [NYT]

Speaking of jumping on the bandwagon, Alexa Chung has embraced nail art, sporting some admittedly awesome solar system designs in London. [Instyle UK]

Proenza Schouler, the fragrance? It’s reportedly in the works. [Fashion Etc via Into The Gloss]

Photo: Courtesy of Wendy Nichol

A Preview of Portman’s Dior Beauty Ads, Taylor Swift’s Fine Penmanship, And More…


It looks like Natalie Portman’s first gig as Dior’s new global beauty ambassador will be fronting ads for its fragrance, Miss Dior Cherie. A print campaign lensed by Tim Walker and a TV commercial directed by Sofia Coppola will both drop in March. [@womensweardaily]

Speaking of newly named celebrity spokeswomen, Taylor Swift has been assigned to CoverGirl’s new NatureLuxe line of foundation. But liquid eyeliner is the crossover sensation’s real makeup must-have. The pop star reveals that she’s gone as far as using a Sharpie on her lids to get that coveted sultry effect. How…innovative. [Daily Makeover]

Attention Kohl’s shoppers: Vera Wang’s Simply Vera Vera Wang line will be expanding into color cosmetics come 2012. Add that to her Leighton Meester-fronted fragrance due out next year and Wang is really covering all of her beauty bases. [WWD]

Bangs: We pegged them as one of the defining trends of the Aughts; now Entertainment Weekly is taking issue with fringe gone horribly wrong in movies and on TV. Offenders include Elisabeth Moss on Mad Men and The O.C.‘s Mischa Barton. [EW]

In better bangs news, Alexa Chung has cut her hair into a flipped-out bob, brow-grazing fringe still intact. [Elle U.K.]

Carey Mulligan joins Anne Hathaway in her anti-botox crusade. The 25-year-old was allegedly offered the wonder drug to tighten up some burgeoning crow’s feet but refused it. “So I can’t move my face? Isn’t that, well, the antithesis of what I’m trying to do as an actress?” Stay strong, CM! [Just Jared]

Photo: Dan Steinberg / AP Photo

Alexa Chung’s Dirty Little Secret; Why Showering Is Overrated; And More…


Alexa Chung has revealed her style icons (Graham Coxon, Keith Richards, Julie Christie, and Françoise Hardy), as well as one very naughty beauty secret. “I’m obsessed with moisturizing, but relaxed about everything else—I even leave my makeup on at night,” she has said. “I just always have to be wearing black eyeliner.” Even in a state of slumber, that’s dedication. [Hello]

That’s not this week’s only not-washing news: More and more people, it seems, are defying the “culture of clean” that has mandated daily showers and deodorant use in America for the better part of the last century. And you know what? Your skin, hair, and “personal perfume” could benefit from the negligence. [NYT]

Should all the hair whipping result in some kind of neck injury, Ellen DeGeneres has Willow Smith covered. Three words: bejeweled neck brace. [People]

David Beckham shaves his legs; Natalia Vodianova apparently does not. [Daily Mail]

At a recent signing for his new book, Justin Bieber revealed that he a) believes that Jesus died on a cross for his sins, b) wants to be a young dad, c) sees himself making a smooth transition from being a “um, you know, teenage heartthrob to, you know, an adult singer,” and d) thinks his voice is his trademark, not his hair. If you have any more burning Bieber questions, please direct them to First Step 2 Forever: My Story (real title). [NPR]

Photo: Alice Bensi /

Emma Watson Goes Glasto


There was a moment last month, dear readers, when we found ourselves in a bit of a scheduling quandary. Our presence was being requested at both Glastonbury and a wedding in Saratoga, California, and not wanting to disappoint anyone, we decided to wait until the last minute to buy our plane tickets. California ultimately won out, and as we perused the paparazzi pics from Somerset this weekend, we were kind of glad we headed west—the live music is cool, but it’s really about the celeb-watching, no? All the usual suspects were there—Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, a Geldof or two, plus one Henry Holland—and the shredded jean shorts/combat boots ensembles were nothing we haven’t seen before. There was one exciting new addition to the crowd, though—and we’re not talking about Kate Hudson, who crossed the pond to support her latest beau, Muse front man Matt Bellamy. It was a festival-ready Emma Watson who caught our eye, sporting a spectacular side braid and dark blue nails (that questionable tattoo is temporary, in case you were concerned for her future as Burberry muse). How do you feel about a hipster-fied Hermione Granger?

Photo: Joel Ryan / AP Photo