August 21 2014

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Alice Dellal & Jemima Kirke Let Their Hair Down (and Take Their Pants Off)


We’ve all been there: that moment when our hairbrush magically transforms into a microphone and our floor-length mirror into an arena of adoring fans. Sometimes (OK, most of the time) we even strip down to our skivvies to fulfill the fantasy. Well, that’s exactly what Alice Dellal and Jemima Kirke did. The dancing duo took to Instagram in a pants-off dance-off set to the Jackson 5′s “I Want You Back.” The best part? These ladies are living proof of the “long hair, don’t care” mentality. When we weren’t envying their taut tummies, their tousled tresses became the object of our affection. Presuming there is little-to-no product in their Woodstock-worthy strands, we’re totally on board with this free-spirited approach—especially with festival season on the horizon.

The Side-Shave: Alive, Well, And Still Causing A Stir


After 2009 produced a slew of side-shave posterchildren following Alice Dellal’s rise to fame, the razor loving eventually came to a halt. Short of the impromptu shear Christiaan gave Milla Jovovich on the set of a Love magazine shoot back in March, the style hasn’t seen many new adapters. But two of its die-hard fans—Dellal and Cassie—are still paying homage to the asymmetrical cut. Cassie was spotted freshly Bic’d in Cannes today, while Dellal did her signature short-on-one-side, long-blonde-and-wavy-on-the-other look proud at the Chanel Cruise show in Versailles earlier this week. And so, we ask you: As both women stay the side-shave course, who wears it better?

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images for Chanel; Marc Piasecki/FilmMagic

Rihanna’s Dark Side; Arizona Muse Prefers her Post-Baby Body; And More


Sometimes it seems Rihanna changes her hair as often as she changes her socks. After recent stints as a blonde and a fire engine redhead, the singer is back to a dark brunette, and she added a bit of edge to the look à la Alice Dellal with a punky shaved undercut, which she revealed this weekend via Twitter. And fans already know Rihanna’s next impending hair transformation. She claims to be looking for the perfect shade of navy blue. [StyleNews]

Money doesn’t buy everything, at least when it comes to cosmetics. Avon rejected a $10 billion takeover bid from Coty Inc. on Friday, and today the company’s shares rose 19.7 percent. [WWD]

Arizona Muse became an overnight modeling sensation a mere 18 months ago. The newly named Estée Lauder spokeswoman told the Telegraph that thanks to the calorie-torching benefits of breastfeeding, she thinks she looks better after having Nikko, her 3-year-old son, who frequently appears alongside her in editorials and ads for labels like J.Crew. [Telegraph]

After spending hour upon hour getting hair and makeup done, models know a few tricks of the trade. Daphne Groeneveld won’t leave home without curling her eyelashes, for example, while Frida Gustavsson rims her inner eyes with beige liner to prevent looking tired. Click for more tried-and-true tips from runway veterans. [Allure]

Photo: Jun Sato / Getty Images

EXCLUSIVE: Behind the Scenes with Lara, Ruby, Sky, and Alice


Just in time to capitalize on fall’s androgyny trend, ck one—Calvin Klein’s gender-bending hit scent—has been reimagined yet again. ck one shock, which hits shelves on September 1, diverges from its predecessors, however, setting up a battle of the sexes through two distinct fragrances, one for him and one for her, rather than a single unisex offering; consider them perfect for when you don’t feel like sharing. To properly illustrate the rock ‘n’ roll, devil-may-care attitude the eaux are meant to evoke, Klein’s marketing team has assembled a ragtag crew including burgeoning It girl and red lip-loving Sky Ferreira; Alice Dellal, whose loyalty to the side-shave even after the style was co-opted by the mainstream is nothing if not impressive; house muse Lara Stone; and Ruby Aldridge, who has her own bit of rock cred (sister Lily is married to Kings of Leon front man Caleb Followill). The ad is ripe with classic Calvin raunch—underwear as outerwear, on-camera makeout scenes, etc., but the behind-the-scenes shots (premiering right here, right now) get to the heart of the fragrance, which at the end of the day is about a couple of crazy kids, having a good time.

Photo: Courtesy of CK One Shock

The Mohawk’s Many Faces


The half-shave, Alice Dellal’s oft-copied take on the popular punk/eighties style, has been making fewer appearances in paparazzi photos recently (it’s all about gray hair these days). But it’s still fair game for editorial purposes, it seems, with an inspiring tribute popping up in this month’s Interview magazine. Iselin Steiro stars in this spread, which uses a hair and makeup evolution to show how the short-on-the-sides/long-on-the-top coif can go from soft and pretty to hard and sexy with a little help from industrial-strength sculpting gel, some serious blush, a strong black cat-eye, and a smear of black lipstick. Admit it: You’re kind of shocked by its versatility, right?

Photo: Mario Sorrenti for Interview, March 2010