August 20 2014

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Les Cascades De Rochas Revealed; “Way Existential” Green Beauty; And More…


More news on Rochas’ forthcoming fragrance developments. The Olivia Palermo-fronted perfume called Les Cascades de Rochas, is inspired by “a Parisian fountain in the summer,” is skewed toward a younger demographic, and launches in Europe in July. [WWD]

Alicia Silverstone is dedicated to promoting a green lifestyle—and green beauty, as the case may be. After a collaboration with EcoTools, the Clueless icon and PETA member has teamed up with the organic-minded Juice Beauty on a five-piece collection of skincare and makeup essentials. [WWD]

It was revealed this week that Botox is not the cure-all for migraine headaches researchers claimed it to be last year. But no matter; the wrinkle reliever has a new off-market use: a remedy for teeth grinding. [FOX News]

Speaking of strange uses for injectables, shooting your feet up with dermal fillers to minimize the pain of wearing sky-high heels is apparently gaining in popularity. [Daily Mail]

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Alicia Silverstone Talks Natural Beauty (And A Little Clueless)


To Clueless fans the world over, Alicia Silverstone will always be Cher Horowitz, the way existential, Alaïa-wearing star of one of the greatest movies of all time. But for Silverstone herself, her days as “a virgin who can’t drive” ended back in 1995 when the movie was released. Since then, the naturopath and committed vegan has starred in a slew of other films—some more memorable than others—while blazing a trail as both an avid animal and environmental rights activist. In addition to being crowned PETA’s Sexiest Vegan Alive in 2004, Silverstone published a book last year on eating and wellness called The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet (Rodale, 2009). The accompanying Web site,, features tips on cooking, community-sponsored agriculture (CSA) initiatives, and where to find the best all-natural eye shadows on the market. A natural beauty buff, Silverstone has also collaborated on a series of makeup bags and brushes for the brand EcoTools, the second collection of which she previewed this week in New York. We took the opportunity to catch up with the actress to talk organic makeup that works, fast-food temptations, and a pseudo Clueless reunion that hits theaters next year. Spoiler alert: The latter-day version focuses on vampires—what else?

How did your collaboration with EcoTools come about?

They actually sent me a package of their brushes a while ago. I’d never heard of them before, but I ended up listing them as one of my five favorites in this InStyle profile I did. Then they got in touch with me. They explained that they wanted to do more things—like bags—and I saw it as an opportunity to be creative and make something that I actually wanted to use. I wanted to make something cool and sexy—like something Carrie Bradshaw would use on Sex and the City—but that was natural and affordable. They’re cheap! And made with so much love and consideration.

Aesthetics are obviously important to you. What products are you actually stashing in those makeup bags?

There really are so many good options on the market now. I love ZuZu Luxe concealers for spot treatments and Ecco Bella concealer for under my eyes. I use La Bella Donna Mineral Powder, but I don’t wear foundation. Alima Pure or Naked or Dr. Hauschka make great eye shadows.

What about mascara? It’s so hard to find a decent all-natural lash enhancer.

ZuZu and Gabriel both make good ones.

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Great Skin, By Way Of Spiritual Balance


Forget what you’ve heard about washing your face twice a day. According to West Palm Beach, Fla., aesthetician, Tammy Fender, perfect skin can only be achieved through “the connection between the physical and emotional and how they’re interrelated.” Fender’s ability to give her clients a glowing complexion by returning them to what she calls “a natural state of being” is garnering her a reputation as Florida’s famed “holistic facialist” and a cult following that includes celebrities and health-conscious regular folks alike. Her appointment-book waiting list, which includes names like Julianne Moore, Melania Trump, and Alicia Silverstone, is the result of a way with facial massage that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, as well as her custom-blended formulas, which are based on a pre-treatment consultation in which she determines your specific skin issues and the mind-body imbalances they likely stem from (note: a 60-hour work week can interrupt more than just your sleep cycle). Choosing from a selection of 13 different essential oils, clients select the scents that appeal to them most, which are then used in their treatment. “The sense of smell has a direct link to the brain,” says Fender. “I work with the pure living energy of plants’ essential oils, which readily permeate the skin and almost start working immediately.” Unlike most facials, a session with Tammy ends in a discussion about nutrition and lifestyle, rather than product pushing—how to incorporate fresh juicing and exercise into your life in order to oxygenate your skin and increase cell renewal and how to reduce daily stresses through breathing exercises and just slowing down in general. “We address the person as a whole,” she says. “Even though we’re dealing with the outer layers of the skin, we believe that what you put into the body and how you treat it are just as important as what you put on it.” To make an appointment or have a personalized skin consultation by phone, call (561) 659-2229.

Photo: Tammy Fender Holistic Skincare