August 20 2014

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Eau So Fresh


FRESH-LIFE-EDPIf you’re anything like us, you’re currently glancing at the clock ticking in the corner of your computer monitor. The countdown to the weekend has begun, and we can think of no better way to celebrate than with Fresh’s latest fragrance, Life. We plan to escape the stress of the week by joining the mass exodus of urbanites who leave NYC every Friday for some much-needed R&R—and getting away is exactly what inspired this eau. The husband-and-wife team of Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, who founded the cult-favorite beauty brand, share a lake house in Woodstock, Vermont. The scents surrounding this out-of-the-way abode—the damp grass, the sweet morning breeze, the fog rolling across the pond that sits on their property, and the first warming rays peeking over the horizon—are what inspired the blend. Glazman chose notes such as bergamot, vanilla grass, and cypress to exemplify the earth; grapefruit, lilac leaves, and magnolia to represent air; cucumber and moss to emblematize water; and amber, orange, and tonka to bring the heat of the sun. On our to-do list for our two days off: skim the Sunday Styles section, spritz this scent, kick back, and enjoy the elements.

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Photo: Courtesy of Fresh

The 411: Fresh’s Lev Glazman And Alina Roytberg


It’s an international cult classic at this point, but Fresh started with a humble bar of soap. Granted, this was no ordinary bar of soap. Exquisitely formulated and luxuriously packaged, deciding whether to tear it open and actually use it or display it on a shelf like a worldly treasure was a tough call. The Boston-based brand has come a long way since then, adding skincare, makeup, fragrance, and home products to its roster, and picking up a host of devotees along the way thanks to the tireless efforts of visionary co-founders Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg. On the occasion of a major milestone—the company turns the big 2-1 this year—we asked the savvy naturalists for their favorite places to beautify.

Lev’s Picks:
The Skincare Essential: Fresh Elixir Ancien
“The tradition of oil therapy has been widely used in skincare rituals for centuries to purify, nourish, and treat dry-skin conditions. I love using this face oil at night. It is the most precious blend of pure oils and age-delay extracts. It is ultra-nourishing, smooths fine lines, completely renews the complexion, and returns skin to its youthful radiance.”

The Morning Routine: Sea Buckthorn Juice
“The first thing I take in the morning is a glass of pure sea buckthorn (or seaberry) juice. It’s very concentrated, tart, bitter, and impossible to drink, so I mix it with water and honey. This juice contains over 190 different nutrients and antioxidants. I call it the ‘holy fruit.’ It energizes me, but it also gives the system a nice cleansing. It’s my fountain of youth. Then I make myself organic chamomile and jasmine green loose tea with lemon.”

The Pilates Guru: Benjamin at Equinox
“I take private sessions at Equinox Boston with Benjamin Degenhardt. He teaches Scott Pilates, a Canadian style. He made me fall in love with Pilates. He was a dancer, and then he became an instructor in NYC, and then he moved to Boston to bring the awareness up here.”
For more information, visit

The Man-icure: My Mani Pedi
“I have been going to Joyce at My Mani Pedi in the South End for three years, and she gives the best mani/pedi. She’s extremely precise and does a perfect job.”
546A Tremont St., Boston, (617) 482-5550.

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EXCLUSIVE: Living In The Fresh Moment


Fresh is one of those rare brands that has somehow managed to avoid certain beauty industry mandates that often come with success. Despite being bought by LVMH in 2000, the company’s founders—husband-and-wife duo Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg—are still very much the creative force behind the Boston-based fragrance and cosmetics enterprise they launched in 1991. Another rarity: They have never tapped a celebrity or model to represent the brand for them. “Our Sugar Lip Treatment is our Fresh ambassador,” Roytberg deadpanned this week at a dinner celebrating Fresh Moments, a new digital venture that she and Glazman have devised as a way to showcase external creative forces that help drive their work. “We’re inspired by people who are really interesting, have their own mind, don’t follow trends but create trends. [These people] create their own fresh moments in their life—and they enjoy using our products,” Roytberg explained, alluding to the series of guest editors that will start appearing on a new Fresh Internet platform that will be equipped with short, emotive videos.

The series begins this week with a vignette that introduces Roytberg and Glazman on their farm in Woodstock, Vermont, as a way of orienting people with the line’s ethos, and will be followed by another episode starring Citizens Band ringleader Sarah Sophie Flicker on June 19. “I’m such a huge fan not just of the products but how the company came to be,” says Flicker, who admits that she doesn’t have too many really fresh moments in her life. “I have two kids,” she jokes. “But I’ve gotten into this routine where even if I have ten minutes, I take a bath, I listen to the news, and I do my Fresh Sugar Scrub and Face Mask—and that’s my time.” Flicker’s other favorite products, like the Cannabis Rose fragrance, will soon be up online along with a fun Q&A meant to introduce readers to “people who live a certain style that we feel is very Fresh,” according to Roytberg. It sure beats a stable of spokesmodels. Click above to watch the first installment.