August 20 2014

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Drugstore Discovery of the Week: The EyePad Gets A Reboot


Almay-Eye-Makeup-Remover-PadsI don’t think I’m alone in saying that the eye-makeup-remover pad is one of the best inventions—ever. The introduction of the lightbulb was certainly revolutionary, and as a journalist, I guess I owe a certain debt of gratitude to the advent of the printing press, but as a frequent mascara wearer, I find myself continually in awe of the humble eye-makeup-remover pad, which offers up a single-use, disposable application of lash-cleansing genius—no messy, soaked-through cotton balls necessary. A longtime fan of Almay’s slim, saturated wipes that are kissed with extracts of cucumber, aloe, and green tea, I was delighted to recently discover two new varieties at my local drugstore. The mass brand’s new Soothing and De-puffing pads feature hints of chamomile to delicately calm sensitive skin around the eye area, while the Lash Care formula is purposefully gentle enough to leave lashes intact and healthy while removing any trace of liner or lacquer. Both will seriously increase the probability that I will thoroughly remove my makeup before going to sleep, which becomes a whole lot less likely as the nights get longer and the summer barbecues and beach bonfires rage ever later.

Photo: Courtesy of Almay

Celebrities Who Wear Makeup, Celebrities Who Don’t, And More…


Kate Hudson’s easy-going, sun-kissed, SoCal cool has earned her a beauty contract. The actress has just inked a deal to be a global ambassador for Almay, which, taken into consideration with Jennifer Aniston’s new fragrance launch and Julia Roberts’ Lancôme deal, makes 2010 a banner year for the leading ladies of romantic comedies. [WWD]

Kate may be putting it on, but Kim Kardashian is taking it all off—which is a pretty major deal, if you’ve ever seen how much makeup the reality star cakes on for TV. We hated on her E! show for years, but after recently succumbing to a four-hour marathon, we’re officially hooked. [Life & Style]

Kardashian isn’t the only celeb jumping on board the bare-faced trend. Hoda, Kathie Lee, and Rosie all stripped down on the Today show this morning. FYI: It’s definitely more, um, impactful when women over 50 take the no-makeup challenge. [USA Today]

Gwyneth Paltrow has bucked the makeup issue altogether and decided instead to focus her energy on hair. Today’s edition of her popular GOOP newsletter includes coiffing advice from masters like Orlando Pita, Philip Kingsley, and L.A.-based Drybar’s Alli Webb, as well as a few personal product recs from Ms. Paltrow herself. [GOOP]

Photo: Dave Allocca / Startraks Photo

Drugstore Discovery of the Week


I’ve been way more diligent about removing my mascara before going to bed since realizing that I’m allergic to carmine, the makeup colorant that the FDA recently took action on. The crushed-up cochineal beetles in carmine are what cause the itchy irritation you might sometimes experience when you forget—or purposely neglect—to take off your makeup at the end of the day. It’s obviously way easier to pass out without applying eye-makeup remover to a cotton pad and meticulously jostling the black pigment from individual lashes. But Almay’s Hypo-Allergenic Eye Makeup Remover Pads have been making the job much more tolerable of late. The moistened pads are infused with a botanical blend of aloe, cucumber, and green tea so they condition and hydrate the eye area while they cleanse. They’re also oil-free and lack a greasy residue, so if you simply cannot maintain consciousness long enough for the full, pre-sleep face washing, no harm, no foul.

Photo: Courtesy of Almay

MAC Cosmetics: The Great Hair And Makeup Unifier


With the success of all those color-driven haircare lines and the eye-color enhancing makeup sets popularized by mass companies like Almay, it was only a matter of time before the prestige cosmetics set got behind the idea of “color science.” Case in point: MAC Cosmetics will release its blond, brunette, and redhead collections this week, each of which comes equipped with ten different product suggestions to help showcase your hair color through your makeup. With two lipstick options, two glosses, three eye shadows, a Mineralize Skinfinish powder, plus a coordinating eye kohl and brow set for increased definition, the idea is to create a consistent, complementary palette—and to take the guess work out of making the most of what you’ve got.

Photo: Selections from the Redhead collection, courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Purple Puts Out The Smoke


Smoky eyes are sooo last summer. It’s all about purple shadows for fall and holiday, but if a reliance on grays and earth tones is preventing you from getting on board with the trend, not to worry; Laura Mercier is here. The brand’s newest shade of Luster Eye Colour, African Violet, is a sheer color that goes on more like a pewter than a deep grape or eggplant (our J.Crew catalog color vocabulary knows no bounds). However, there’s enough purple pigment in the iridescent shade to make hazel or green eyes pop—a little lesson we recently learned when playing with Almay’s Intense i-Color collections at Duane Reade.

Photo: David Atlas / Retna.