August 20 2014

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American Apparel Goes Au Naturel; Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Jeans Actually Exist; And More



American Apparel is making a case for abandoning the Brazilian. The brand’s Lower East Side store in Manhattan features mannequins wearing white mesh lingerie…and merkins. [Elle]

Denim label Naked and Famous has developed scratch ‘n’ sniff jeans. Available in raspberry and mint, the baked-in microcapsules containing the fragrance last up to ten washes. Who needs to do laundry when you can simply freshen up by running your fingernails across the surface? [Wired]

Vênsette, the door-to-door hair and makeup service started by Lauren Remington Platt, launched its app this week—allowing you to select a look, book an artist, and have him or her at your apartment a few hours later. Consider it the Über of the beauty world.

King of Shaves debuted its all-plastic razor today: the Hyperglide. No need for metal blades or lathering up—this high-tech hair remover glides smoothly across the skin after being dipped in water. []

Photo: Styleite

American Apparel Steps Into the Gloss; Britain’s ASA Says “Oh No” to Oh! Lola; and More…


Following its takeover of the crotchless-tights market, American Apparel is slowly amping up its beauty offerings, adding a lip gloss line to its nail lacquer collection. [WWD]

Marc Jacobs’ Dakota Fanning–fronted ad for his Oh! Lola fragrance has been banned by Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority for being “sexually provocative.” How Jacobs’ greased-down self-portrait for his men’s scent, Bang, got past them is a mystery to us. [Telegraph]

As we predicted last year when we first caught wind of rumors that Lady Gaga would be launching a signature scent, word on the street is that said eau will be called Monster. [WWD]

Photo: Courtesy of American Apparel

Naomi Campbell’s Judgment Day, A Mani For Kate Middleton, And More…


Tomorrow, Nowness is launching a stop-motion video by Chanel global creative director Peter Philips that stars a series of robots he created using Chanel makeup compacts, palettes, and brushes. To tide us over until it goes live, they’ve treated us to an online vignette in which Philips talks about his beautiful life. [Nowness]

Proceedings are now being heard in the case that has Naomi Campbell facing breach of contract charges. As we previously reported, Campbell is being sued to the tune of $8 million by Moodform Mission, a cosmetics firm started by her former agent, for backing out of a fragrance deal. [WWD]

Speaking of fragrances, Halle Berry’s third—which is called, Reveal—hits shelves in February and Berry is already, um, revealing a few things about herself to help promote the mimosa flower, juicy peach, and woodsy musk eau: She prefers fruit to cupcakes; cardio to strength training; the iPad to more primitive forms of print; and shoes to bags. Fitting, then, that her next movie is titled Shoe Addicts Anonymous. [Allure]

We didn’t think it was possible, but celebrity-inspired nail polishes are beginning to trump star-studded fragrances. Next up in the who’s who of famously fronted varnishes? Kate Middleton. Butter London will release “No more Waity, Katie,” a mauve shade, in March. [People]

In other nail news, American Apparel is pulling its much-loved lacquer line from shelves—again—this time due to a risk of “hazardous materials.” Yikes. [StyleList]

Photo: Victor Boyko / Courtesy of Russian Vogue

American Apparel Does More Manis, Miss USA Contestants Show Some Skin, And More…


Beauty fiends who also happen to love a pair of PVC leggings, get psyched for some enhanced one-stop shopping; American Apparel is adding six new colors to its wildly successful nail polish line. [StyleList]

Racy images of the Miss USA 2010 hopefuls are hitting the Internet, causing some to question if Donald Trump’s organization’s obvious attempt at media attention is going too far. The pageant’s coordinators allege that this is simply “the new direction of beauty pageants and a chance for contestants to show off confidence in and embrace their own sexuality.” So, nearly-nude pictures are what’s becoming the norm in pageants these days, eh? Vanessa Williams must be furious. [CBS News]

Bad news, Botoxers: A new study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found that people who look to the syringe to smooth away the physical signs of aging with a little paralysis may actually be causing lines and wrinkles elsewhere as other, untreated facial muscles start to work overtime. [NYDN]

And there’s no need to wait 20 years to see what your face will look like as a result, either, thanks to a new Web site that adds two decades to your uploaded photos. Hey, there’s always acupuncture facials. [Bellasugar]

Photo: Peter Kramer / AP Photo (Mary Kate); Courtesy of Chanel

Tyra Thinks Bigger Is Better, Courtney Love Reinvents Herself On Twitter, and More…


Tyra Banks is fulfilling her promise to “help us all feel as fierce as we truly are” by launching a different kind of ANTM-type contest, which will focus on teenage plus-sized models. The competition will aptly be called the “Fiercely Real Teen Model Search.” Fierce. [NY Daily News]

A new survey shows that Japanese male college students are more interested in moisturizer, cleansing scrubs, and beauty salons than they are in cars. Please, oh please let this trend trickle west to the U.S. mainstream! [Business Week]

Thirteen-year-old blogging phenom Tavi may get front-row at Dior, but does she have her own cosmetics line? Fifteen-year-old Ava Anderson does. [Stylist]

“Quality issues with the glassware” have forced American Apparel to pull its new line of nail polishes from shelves. But not to worry; you’ll be able to buy butt-less leggings and a bottle of new and improved lacquer again in a matter of weeks. [The Cut]

Courtney Love has tried most things in life, but posing as a self-taught makeup artist online was uncharted territory for her. Until now. Watch out, Lauren Luke. [Stylist]

Photo: Fame Pictures