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Beauty 411: Dawn and Samantha Goldworm



For New England-bred twin sisters Dawn and Samantha Goldworm, scent isn’t merely an accessory, it’s a lifestyle. It’s upon that credo that the platinum-maned pair have built 12.29, their olfactive branding company that has, since its launch in 2009, been busily creating custom scents for luxury boutiques, private homes, and a slew of runways—Rodarte, Jason Wu, and Prabal Gurung among them. And as of November, the sisters Goldworm have a home fragrance collection to call their own. The five new 12.29 candles (available at have dreamy scents and equally dreamy names—like A Vivid and Wild Beauty, a blend of milky florals and earth and fresh green notes—and a distinctly elegant presentation: Each is housed in fine porcelain courtesy of Limoges. Here, the fragrance-focused duo share their beauty favorites and, naturally, preferred scents.

“We followed Victoria and Larry from Bumble and Bumble to their own chic West Village salon, Whittemore House, years ago. We love the cucumber water they offer upon arrival, and Victoria is the queen of balayage. The salon also smells lovely, with a custom 12.29 scent that wafts throughout the space.”

45 Grove St., (212) 242-8880;

“We are in love with the newly designed line of Oribe hair products. Not only is the packaging modern and chic, but the formulas smell delicious. We use the Oribe Ultra Gentle Conditioner and Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil.”


“I am a big fan of Japanese nail art, and Sakura is my go-to salon in NYC. It takes approximately two hours for a session, but the results are well worth it.” —Samantha


“Although not super well known for its nail products, NARS has the best color and quality polishes. I am currently obsessed with a deep Purple called Fury. My other go-tos are OPI Big Apple Red and Essie Ballet Slippers.” —Dawn


“I swear by Amore Pacific skincare. All the products have a beautiful texture, and my skin is left smooth and luminous.” —Samantha


“I use a combination of Lancôme Absolue Premium Bx, La Roche-Posay Hydraphase, and Bioderma Créaline H20. My years in Paris changed my regimen. The French really know skincare best.” —Dawn

See; larocheposay-us;

“Neither of us wears a lot of makeup. Our mother always had a fresh, clean, natural face, and so we [gravitate] toward the same. However, we never leave the house without mascara: Lancôme Ôscillation or Definicils. And for Samantha, a touch of lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo or Lady Danger.”


“The Mandarin Oriental Spa at the Time Warner Center in New York is the ultimate for a massage and relaxation.”


“For the most luxurious facial, I love The Guerlain Spa on the Champs-Elysées in Paris. You can curate your session by choosing a Guerlain perfume to scent the entire experience. So decadent!” —Dawn


“I am loyal to the 1992 Purple Perfume by 12.29.” —Samantha

“The only scented product I wear on my person is my perfume. It is an animalic Oriental with a touch of spice; very sexy, deep, and personal. And I scent all of our family homes with amber, and of course the 12.29 candle collection.” —Dawn


“Samantha and I regularly do juice detoxes when the seasons change to give our bodies a rest and rejuvenate. We also try to drink a fresh juice every morning. Our favorite juice spots in the city are Juice Press on East 10th Street and Organic Avenue on Third Avenue for its coconut water. In Paris, Bob’s Juice Bar in the Marais has great fresh juice and super-yummy food.”

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“Yoga is our meditation. We have both been practicing it for years—it is our exercise, our discipline, and our balance. Our teachers are Lady Ruth Lauer-Manenti and Rima Rabbath at Jivamukti Yoga Center. The Jiva Cafe also has an amazing selection of vegan food.”


A CC Cream We Believe In


Amorepacific-CC-CreamFull disclosure: CC creams are starting to overwhelm us. The skincare industry’s supercharged answer to BB creams, color correctors are flooding the market like they’re going out of style (which the presumably will by year’s end). That said, it’s rare that a new CC cream elicits much excitement from us when it crosses our desk these days—which is why we were surprised to find ourselves so enamored with the latest from Amorepacific. The Korean brand’s Color Control Cushion Compact SPF 50 boasts unique packaging and an application that makes it stand out from a wealth of similarly conceived products. It looks like a regular puff and pressed-powder situation, until you open the lid; then the mind-blowing commences. Made from a 100 percent bamboo-sap base, rather than a traditional oil-and-water mix, the antioxidant- and amino-acid-rich complexion enhancer moisturizes and protects with green-tea-seed oil and camellia-flower extracts, inhibiting redness and inflammation and soothing and cooling skin in the process. Even more impressive is the cushion delivery system, which features a spongy layer that, when pressed, releases just enough product onto the corresponding hydrophilic “puff,” which contains microscopic holes to ensure that no liquid is absorbed, thus preventing it from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. (The unique design was apparently inspired by ancient Asian stamp-and-seal practices). Available in four different shades, the compact travels quite well and delivers dewy hydration in a few easy swipes. Consider our interest renewed.

Photo: Courtesy of Amorepacific

Tea Time


Amorepacific’s status as a beauty trailblazer is fairly well documented. The Korean skincare brand was formulating its lineup of antiaging wonders with green tea extracts long before the potent antioxidant became a buzzword ingredient. But the goodness that exists at the back of its Soho store is slightly less recognized. There, AmorePacific’s lead aesthetician, Lisa Vela, is on hand to administer facials with the brand’s wealth of creams and tinctures, so that when you step out onto Spring Street, your skin is dewy and glowing and nary a visible red blotch can be seen—a rarity following extractions of any kind. What helps to temper the inflammation and treat winter weather-weary skin is a few drops of its delicately scented, satiny-textured Green Tea Seed Treatment Oil, which Vela massages into the skin toward the end of a service. Cultivated from Amorepacific’s proprietary green tea fields on Jeju Island off the coast of South Korea, the elixir was first created exclusively for use in facial treatments. But the response from consumers was so enthusiastic that the brand decided to add it to its roster for a limited time. Rich in polyphenols, vitamin E, and linoleic acid, it calms, adds radiance, and creates a protective barrier, helping skin regenerate. And the finish is nearly matte, which is an added boon for oily types who fear skin oils’ greasy aftermath. Though the brand recommends layering it under its Time Response Crème to remedy severely dry skin, the fluid happens to be perfectly sufficient as a nighttime treatment on its own. But act now; we’ve got a feeling this one won’t be around for long.

Photo: Courtesy of AmorePacific

Hot? AmorePacific’s New Facial Will Cool You Down


We’re not quite there yet, but New York is edging its way ever closer to that steamy part of the summer that reliably sends you racing to your air conditioner (and your electric bill racing toward the stratosphere). But seeking refuge in front of as many BTUs as you can find isn’t the only way to stay cool. Through the end of the month, you can also pop into Amorepacific’s Soho relaxation destination for its limited-edition Soothing Summer Facial.

“People are seeking relief from the heat,” explains Nicole Lammann, an aesthetician at the famed Korean skincare brand’s Spring Street outpost. But that’s only part of the impetus for the new addition to the spa menu. “I have rosacea,” she divulges, “and this cooling protocol really helps with the inflammation to restrict the blood vessels.” The entire service is centralized around green tea, the star ingredient in the AmorePacific line, which is prized for its anti-aging and antioxidant abilities. The ritual begins with a chilled glass of the earthy beverage, which you sip while your feet dangle in a peppermint oil-infused foot bath. Three cold stones are placed behind your shoulders and neck to further lower your internal body temperature as you lay down and then a bit of steam opens pores to assist in a thorough cleansing and mild exfoliation. “There’s no more warm stuff after that,” Lammann insists. There is, however, a glorious facial massage, conducted with a potent green tea seed oil followed by a handmade green tea mask, which is mixed on site at the store’s “botanical bar” and then covered with a refrigerated, reusable gel mask. Not only did our skin look noticeably, well, chilled out after a recent test-run, but we actually had to burrow a bit under the massage table sheets to generate some much needed extra body heat. “It’s not promising the world,” Lammann adds of the service’s simplicity, which bucks harsh add-ons like extractions and LED light currents in favor of manual movements and enhanced serenity. “But your skin will look really calm and glowy after.” Who doesn’t want that?

AmorePacific, 114 Spring St., New York, NY 10012; (212) 925-3030.

Photo: Courtesy of Amorepacific

Total Hydration: Yours, FREE!


BAMBOO SAP/(bam-boo sap)/n./ 1. The sap from a variety of woody perennial plants of the grass family Poaceae, subfamily Bambusoideae, found in diverse climates around the world; /n./ 2. A mineral-rich substance called “divine water” in Asian cultures for its ability to heal and purify; /n./ 3. An ultra-hydrating liquid that nourishes dry skin, increasing radiance and vitality, e.g., “Bamboo sap replaces water in AmorePacific’s Moisture Bound Skin Energy mist to keep your skin supple and your budget intact; click here and enter to win your own bottle, free of charge.”

Try it: AmorePacific Moisture Bound Skin Energy Hydration System, $35,