September 1 2014

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Twin Sister’s Andrea Estella Gears Up For A Winter Tour, False Eyelashes At The Ready


As the front woman for Twin Sister, a band that alternates between dreamy indie pop and disco-funk, it’s no surprise that Andrea Estella pulls from a host of different inspirations when it comes to her beauty routine. Since her Long Island quintet first burst onto the scene in 2010, Estella has crimped her hair, worn wigs, gone peroxide blonde, and even tried out a turban. With a winter tour that kicks off later this month, Estella has been busy plotting her next beauty move—and it seems poised to include a fair bit of makeup. “I have a huge bag filled with everything, like a pharmacy,” Estella told “The guys let me bring so much [on the road] because I don’t have big amps—so my equipment is my luggage!” Here, the singer talks circle lenses, the art of applying false lashes backstage, and why she’ll never “just show up in a T-shirt and jeans.”

Your hair changes almost as much as Lady Gaga’s. What is it about the experimentation process that does it for you?

I get restless and bored really quickly, so I’m always changing everything up. I look like a different person week to week. It’s actually purple right now. Sometimes I’ll have my natural color—it’s a light honey brown—for a good year and then I’ll start changing it like crazy. I mostly dye it myself, but I do have a friend who is really good. When I was trying to make [my hair] blond it was so hard and a lot of it broke off—it was brutal. The purple I did myself, though. I used Manic Panic and I mixed it with conditioner. You can mix any of those colors with conditioner and they come out lighter, you just need a conditioner that’s white; I use a plain Dove conditioner, it’s good and mild.

Would you say that your hair is your “thing”?

I actually think I do my makeup more than my hair. I really like MAC, Smashbox, and sometimes I get little things here and there from Sephora, like DiorShow Black Out. It can do spider-y lashes. It’s pretty dramatic.

What’s in your beauty repertoire for those shows when you really want to bring an extra dose of glamour to the stage?

Lately I’ve been using a natural lip liner, heavier eyebrows, big circle contact lenses, and fake lashes. I’ll do the individual ones that you put in; that way it doesn’t look too obvious. I really like MAC’s, but sometimes I’ll just go to the pharmacy and get them—there’s a brand called Andrea that I like.

It can’t be easy to apply false lashes in tour vans or poorly lit backstage areas. How do you do it?

I take the glue and put it on my mirror and let it dry for a couple of seconds, so it’s gummy. Then I dunk the end [of the lash] in the glue and I just place them on. You put your eyeliner on first and place [the lashes] just above [your natural] eyelashes. Then you have to put on more eyeliner. It takes some getting used to, but I don’t really have a problem with them anymore.

What about post-show? How do you take care of your skin when all that makeup comes off?

I always take a shower before I go to bed. I don’t care what time it is after a show, I’ll take my makeup off because it’s really bad to leave it on. I use Positively Ageless by Aveeno. It’s $35 and you get four tiny bottles of cream. It works really well. My skin always feels soft and I don’t break out. I have really big eyes and I don’t sleep much, so I use it to stop dark circles.

Are there ever days when you’re too exhausted to bother putting on your face, a pair of heels, and a wild outfit?

I think everyone wants to go see a show and be entertained. My mom taught me to be this way—she’s Latina. She was always like,”Put your makeup on!” I don’t want to look like I just showed up in a T-shirt and jeans.

Photo: Steve Louie

Ocean’s Kingdom Crowns A Complexion-Perfecting Queen


The New York City Ballet’s production of Ocean’s Kingdom premieres tonight, and with its Stella McCartney-designed costumes and Sir Paul McCartney-scored music, it’s sure to be a hit. Another thing it’s got going for it, aside form top-notch dancing and killer choreography: CoverGirl creative director Pat McGrath stepped in to help design the makeup for the production. While McGrath herself is in Milan prepping shows for Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, and other power-house presentations (check out her handiwork backstage at Gucci here), a well-equipped team has been assembled to make sure her ethereal aquatic look befitting the show’s ocean-dwelling creatures and a darker, sort of goth-inspired look for its earthbound “Terra Punks” go off without a hitch—including fashion’s favorite skincare guru, Sunday Riley. “Their complexions, while young and gorgeous, definitely needed serious TLC,” Riley said of the company’s dancers, who are subjected to layers and layers of makeup for scheduled performances. Here, Riley breaks down the keys to ballerina-beautiful skin.

Why was it so important for the dancers to follow a specific skincare regimen?

Well, they’re working out all day and continually sweating. On full dress-rehearsal days, they have a thick layer of stage makeup applied on top of their skin, and they are performing under heavy lighting. Under these conditions, proper cleansing and balancing is terribly important.

With all of the light-reflecting foundations and heavy pigmented eye makeup used in this show, how did you make sure that the skin underneath remained a perfect, hydrated canvas?

When they’re going to dance, I prefer to stay away from heavy moisturizers, so we used a lightweight concentrated dose of my Skin Adrenaline instead. To give them instant radiance, we dabbed my Good Genes treatment serum on top.

Was there a specific product that you prescribed to all of the girls to keep them irritation- and breakout-free?

My Stimulant II is incredibly anti-inflammatory, and applied to breakouts, it will help cut the redness while reducing the size of acne flare-ups.

What about post-show? Did you give the dancers any cleansing instructions to make sure everything that had been put on comes off completely?

They really require a two-step cleansing process because of all the heavy makeup. First, we have them use a cream-based cleanser, like my Charisma Creme, to remove everything. It contains hydrating ingredients so it won’t dry out skin while it cleanses, plus it has chamomile and green tea to calm any kind of inflammation. Then, we followed with my Ceramic Slip, which is a foaming, clay-based cleanser that really deep-cleans the pores.

Photo: Orrie King / Sunday Riley

Aqua Ambition: Charting The Gaga Effect


It’s been beehived, bobbed, pulled into a side pony, and given the Marcel wave treatment. At this point, everyone knows that Lady Gaga’s hair color du jour is aqua. Except, perhaps, Twin Sister’s Andrea Estella. The typically brunette indie pop front woman turned up at this weekend’s Pitchfork Festival in Chicago sporting a very Gaga-esque hued wig that fell all the way down to her knees, leading us to believe that aqua just may be the new egg yolk yellow. Who do you think is getting tangled up in blue better?

Photo: Roger Kisby / Getty Images; George Pimentel / Getty Images