August 22 2014

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A Dog Shampoo You’ll Want to Use on Yourself



“The cobbler’s children always go barefoot,” was the expression Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz (the founders of namesake skincare line and apothecary Malin + Goetz) used to describe the previous gap in their line and the product they designed to fill it: dog shampoo. Inspired by their rescued pug, Mr. Greenberg (shown here), as well as their other beloved canine children, Junior and Bob (all of which have their silhouettes featured on the bottle), the pair developed a sulfate-free, neroli-scented wash devoid of synthetic fragrances and artificial dyes. And similar to the brand’s products for pet owners, this particular soap laced with hydrating amino acids is unisex and perfect for pampered pooches with sensitive skin. It appears that dirty dogs everywhere are having their day, but what about cats and rabbits? We can only hope the duo expands their offerings to cover all of our fashionable four-legged friends.


To see Mr. Greenberg get his first bath in two (yes, two!) years and witness the euphoric results, watch the video, below.

Beauty Nostalgia: Reminiscing With…Andrew Goetz


Beauty Nostalgia is a weekly column on Beauty Counter in which we ask influencers, tastemakers, and some of our favorite industry experts to wax poetic on the sticks, salves, and sprays that helped shape who they are today.

The Pro: Andrew Goetz, cofounder of (MALIN+GOETZ).

The Product: “My Proustian beauty moment is always triggered by Noxzema. My mother always used the Cleansing Cream on us if we got too much sun—it really cooled my sunburn. And when I graduated to shaving, I used Noxzema shave cream, as did my father. Just thinking about it, I am transported back to the seventies and my parents’ cluttered bathroom, with piles of Cue New York magazine and The New York Times, not to mention Playboy. Although it was a pretty robust decade for hair, I probably did not do a lot of shaving in the seventies, as I was still in high school. The scent had top notes of refreshing coolness, middle notes of summer, and base notes of cleanliness. But it really does smell like my parents’ bathroom most of all!”

Photo: Courtesy of Noxzema

Malin + Goetz’s Skincare Sidekick


Honest and hardworking are two words that describe both Malin + Goetz’s streamlined skincare assortment and the brand’s founders themselves. Since the inception of their apothecary in 2004, Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz have been busy producing natural beauty products that, refreshingly, say exactly what they do. The hit Vitamin E Face Moisturizer is a perfect example; the fact that it’s a “residue-free moisturizer that scientifically synthesizes natural antioxidants, vitamins E and B5, and soothing chamomile with absorbent fatty acids to gently and effectively hydrate and ph balance all skin types” is literally printed on the front of the bottle. It also happens to be the inspiration behind the duo’s latest endeavor, a much-anticipated companion treatment product. Aptly named the Replenishing Face Cream, the rich salve dials up the hydration quotient of the Vitamin E moisturizer with added botanicals like avocado and jojoba to stimulate cellular renewal and reinforce the skin’s protective barrier. A combo of chamomile and panthenol (a provitamin) provides a soothing finish, making this the ideal night cream to its lighter predecessor and a restorative face mask for anyone who’s enjoyed a bit too much fun in the sun this summer.

Photo: Courtesy of Malin + Goetz

Detoxification Now, Sloth Later


Too much. Those two words could accurately describe most people’s behavior for the majority of the past few months. Too much booze. Too much food. Too much time spent immobile on the sofa. But with a New Year comes new motivation to make up for all that overindulgence. Here, expert tips, ideas, product recommendations and spa destinations for detoxing in 2011—and getting your body ready for the rigor of the Fall shows. New York fashion week commences in T-minus 30 days.