September 1 2014

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Davines Gives the Oil Treatment


Davines-1Our affection for all things Davines is a well-known fact. The Italian-born hair-care brand with a cultlike following has been cropping up on more and more salon shelves of late, thanks to its gentle, high-performing formulations. We fell pretty hard for their OI / Oil last summer—the first product in its capsule collection based around the potent hair-protecting power of roucou oil, derived from the Amazonia’s annatto plant. We took to slathering on a few pumps of the stuff to shield our hair from humidity-driven frizz-outs. As of this month, Davines is broadening its OI line to include a shampoo, conditioner, and an all-in-one milk, which is essentially a superrich leave-in conditioner. Sprayed on after shampooing and conditioning, it has proven to have some seriously impressive smoothing capabilities, whether you opt to heat-style or air-dry. One month into a New York summer so humid that the Doppler last week actually read “moist flow” for a few days, we plan to keep the entire OI coterie of products very close at hand.

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A Lipstick Tree Grows in Brazil


ANNATTO / (uh-nah-toh)/ n. / 1. An extract from the red seeds of the heart-shaped fruit of the urukum tree in the Brazilian rain forest, also known as Bixa orellana; / 2. / Used in South American cuisine as a deep scarlet food colorant for cheese and chocolate and for flavoring in many rice dishes; / 3. / A medicinal agent used by Amazonians as a digestif; / 4. / Known as the “lipstick tree” by Central and South Americans, its crimson-colored seeds have been used to make body paint and lipstick for centuries, e.g., “Give food and lips a healthy dose of color with annatto.”

Try it: Aveda Uruku Color Gloss, $16, available at beginning August 1.

Photo: Courtesy of Aveda