September 1 2014

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Beauty Sound Bites: The Hair-Brushing Chronicles of Mary-Kate Olsen


olsen-twins-tommy-ton“You know, the truth is I feel like I just learned how to brush my hair like last week.”

Ashley Olsen told the Elle in a recent interview that her hidden talents lie in doing other people’s makeup and cutting hair (although she admitted the “blunt, A-line” shape she recently gave a friend had to be “neatened” up by a professional). Based on Mary-Kate’s quote above, the other half of this dynamic duo must have missed out on those DIY beauty genes.


Beauty Sound Bites: Double Your Fragrance, Double Your Fun


Elizabeth and James Campaign

“Our nirvana is when we are in bed at home.”

The powerhouse duo known as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen launched the latest addition to their empire this month in the form of fragrance. Nestled under the Elizabeth and James umbrella, the two eaux, dubbed Nirvana Black (a spicier gourmand composed of violet, vanilla, and sandalwood that took more than a year and a half to get the MK&A stamp of approval) and Nirvana White (a blend of peony, muguet, and musk that was whipped up in just three months), were formulated to wear like oils, explained Mary-Kate, who favors notes like amber and sandalwood. They launched two scents because they “didn’t want to dictate what someone’s personal nirvana is,” added Mary-Kate. (They made it strikingly clear that black is not meant to represent one sister and white the other—they left that marketing strategy behind in their tweens.) The Ryan McGinley-lensed ad campaign that reflects the girls’ in-bed bliss was initially supposed to star Mary-Kate’s dog, but the pup was ultimately swapped out for a smaller chocolate lab that didn’t overwhelm the nearly naked model swathed in white Duxiana sheets. What can we say, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there.

All Eyes on Ashley


Ashley Olsen - Chloe

It is fair to say that both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have mastered the art of the smudged smoky eye. Never forced or too “done”—their shadow always looks perfectly lived-in. And last night at the opening of Club Monaco’s Fifth Avenue flagship in New York City, Ashley’s makeup was no exception. Instead of standard black or gray, a warm camel shade was wrapped around her eyes and run along the inner rims (similar to the sepia tone used at Chloé). Much like the look Diane Kendal created in Paris, she kept her skin bare but luminous, brows brushed up, and lips pared down. The one key difference between the celeb and models on the catwalk: black mascara was used on Ashley’s top and bottom lashes to define and add a subtle hint of drama.

Photos: Sonny Vandevelde /; Getty Images

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Chanel released its new ad for No. 5 (dropping November 11) and the recording the house dug up in Marilyn Monroe’s archives. Makes us want to swap out our oversize sleep shirts for the far sexier fragrance.

Not to brag or anything, but we figured out Miley Cyrus’ Lil’ Kim Halloween costume long before she debuted it on Instagram. Perhaps we should have gone as Long Island medium Theresa Caputo last night…

Two is often better than one—especially when an Olsen is involved. Mary-Kate and Ashley’s latest endeavor: two Elizabeth and James fragrances dubbed Nirvana Black and White launching in January at Sephora.

Those monthly beauty-box subscriptions filled with sample-size products often leave much to be desired, but the latest Glossybox by Net-a-Porter (available November 4) is seriously impressive. A full-size, bullet-shaped Ellis Faas Mascara, RGB Cuticle Oil, and Kevyn Aucoin eye shadow duo are included, along with trial tubes and cans from luxe brands like Natura Bissé, Klorane, and Philip B.

Makeup artist extraordinaire François Nars is releasing a book published by Rizzoli—Faery Lands: Tahiti—filled with sepia-toned imagery from his island (yes, all his), Motu Tané, off the coast of Bora Bora. It hits the shelves of NARS boutiques and bookstores mid-November.

When they talk about the Axe effect, we don’t think the brand had asphyxiation by body spray in mind. After being spritzed in a sixth-grade Brooklyn classroom, eight children were sent to the hospital. Unlike the commercials, no bodacious models in bikinis appeared. We can only imagine the disappointment of those 12-year-old boys. [Time]

See a Sunnier Side of Kate; Get High-Fashion Fingertips; and More


Kate_MossMakeup artist and beauty editor of Line magazine, Francesca Tolot, released never-before-seen photos of the legendary Kate Moss, Bridget Hall, and Amber Valletta from a 1994 shoot with Herb Ritts. “She was like sunshine,” Tolot said of Moss, the model that ruled the grunge era. []

You can wear Balmain head to toe—literally. While the house already has a line of hair extensions and stylers, it is adding nail polish to its range of beauty offerings. The limited-edition set, including three classic shades (red, black, and beige) and a matte top coat, is available exclusively at Harvey Nichols starting October 20. And while you’ll have to eat the international shipping fee, you’re still guaranteed to spend far less on these colors than you would on couture.

According to, there are beauty benefits to living in space. Not only will you age .007 seconds slower among the stars than you will on earth, but shampooing becomes an entirely new and hair-raising experience.

If there is anyone that knows the power of undone hair, it’s an Olsen. Hence, the five-bobbies-only rule mane-master Mark Townsend is forced to abide by when styling Mary-Kate. But don’t think Ashley doesn’t have her quirks: The pro trims her ends while blow-drying so that she doesn’t see the scissors. [The Coveteur]

Photo: Francesa Tolot/