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Helping Hepburn’s Hair: Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer Turns Forty


philip-kingsley-elasticizerWhen any beauty story starts with Audrey Hepburn, you know it is going to be a pretty good tale—and such is the case with the legendary trichologist Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer. This year marks the fortieth birthday of the hero product, but few know it originated with the silver screen star. After years of being subject to on-set overprocessing and styling, Hepburn turned to London-based Kingsley in 1974 and asked him to create a product to help revive her strands. “Ms. Hepburn was making a film at the time and wasn’t happy about the way her hair behaved,” he said. “She told me, ‘I don’t like the conditioners they use because they make my hair look flat, and I want it to look fuller with more body.’” Kingsley took on her request as a personal challenge, and therein lies the birth of the world’s first pre-shampoo treatment that promises bounce, shine, and manageability. Six years later, in 1980, he named it Elasticizer, for obvious reasons: “Hair should stretch 30 percent of its length before it [snaps]—if it doesn’t, hair breaks much easier.” It first became available to the public (meaning those who weren’t clients of Kingsley’s) in 1982 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Hepburn, who became a lifelong devotee, wasn’t the only fan: The product is beloved by editors, celebrities (like Cate Blanchett), and models (such as Georgia May Jagger). To mark this major anniversary, Kingsley launched a limited-edition kit that includes a pink tube filled with the famous formula and a cotton towel (meant to be wrapped around your hair for twenty minutes after working through the treatment)—all encased in a white package. Sure, this box isn’t Tiffany blue, but we think Hepburn would be pleased nonetheless.


Photo: Courtesy of Philip Kingsley

Audrey Hepburn Is The Fairest of them All, And More…


The most beautiful woman of all time? Audrey Hepburn, says a new poll conducted by QVC. Princess Diana, Jennifer Aniston, and Grace Kelly also made the list. [Mirror]

In other survey news, scientists at Procter & Gamble, the company that manufactures Pantene, have released new data indicating that women feel “less hostile,” “ashamed,” “nervous,” “guilty,” or “jittery,” depending on the hair products they use. Coincidentally enough, users of a new version of Pantene reported “more joy” than those in the control group. Imagine! [WSJ]

The Price of Beauty fans, be warned. Jessica Simpson’s VH1 reality show may be getting “retooled” next season to focus more on Simpson giving people makeovers, and less on her traveling the world discovering exotic, local primping practices. [Us Weekly]

If you weren’t already nervous enough about sun-induced melanoma, there are new claims that the full-body scanners the FAA is trying to mandate in airports across the country may cause skin cancer. Hanging out in your living room’s probably looking pretty good right now. [Daily Mail]

Photo: Everett Collection / Rex USA